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Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service
Domestic Mail Manual

DMM Introduction
Summary of Changes
Quick Service Guides

100 Retail Letters, Cards, Flats, and Parcels

101 Physical Standards

102 Elements on the Face of a Mailpiece

110 Express Mail

120 Priority Mail

130 First-Class Mail

150 Parcel Post

160 Bound Printed Matter

170 Media Mail

180 Library Mail

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200 Discount Letters and Cards
    201 Physical Standards

202 Elements on the Face of a Mailpiece

230 First-Class Mail

240 Standard Mail
300 Discount Flats
    301 Physical Standards

302 Elements on the Face of a Mailpiece

330 First-Class Mail

340 Standard Mail

360 Bound Printed Matter

370 Media Mail

380 Library Mail
400 Discount Parcels
    401 Physical Standards

402 Elements on the Face of a Mailpiece

430 First-Class Mail

440 Standard Mail

450 Parcel Post

460 Bound Printed Matter

470 Media Mail

480 Library Mail
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500 Additional Mailing Services
    503 Extra Services

507 Mailer Services

508 Recipient Services

509 Other Services
600 Basic Standards for All Mailing Services
    601 Mailability

602 Addressing

604 Postage Payment Methods

607 Mailer Compliance and Appeals of Classification Decisions

608 Postal Information and Resources

609 Filing Indemnity Claims for Loss or Damage
700 Special Standards
    703 Nonprofit Standard Mail & Other Unique Eligibility

705 Advanced Preparation and Special Postage Payment Systems

707 Periodicals

708 Technical Specifications

709 Experimental Classifications & Rates
Index and Appendices

Labeling Lists

Forms Glossary

Summary of Changes

Rates and Fees

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