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154 Postage Payment Methods

1.0 Postage Payment Methods for Parcel Post

1.1 Payment Method

The mailer is responsible for proper postage payment. Subject to the corresponding standards, postage for Parcel Post mail may be paid by any method (see 604) except precanceled stamps. Pieces with postage affixed must bear the correct postage. Permit imprint may be used for mailings that contain nonidentical-weight pieces only under 705, Advanced Preparation and Special Postage Payment Systems. Permit imprint may be used for identical-weight pieces provided the mail can be separated at acceptance into groups that each contain pieces subject to the same zone and same combination of prices. Identical-weight permit imprint mail also may be mailed under 705.

1.2 Affixing Postage—Single-Piece Mailings

In a postage-affixed single-piece mailing, the mailer must apply enough value in adhesive stamps or meter stamps equal to the postage required (including any surcharges).

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2.0 Postage Paid With Permit Imprint

2.1 Advance Deposit Account

A mailer may be authorized to mail material without affixing postage when payment is made at the time of mailing from a permit imprint advance deposit account established with the USPS for that purpose. This payment method may be used for postage and extra service fees and must not be used to pay postage on any mailpiece that is designed for reply mail purposes.

2.2 Minimum Quantity

Permit imprint mailings must contain at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds, except for single-piece mailings submitted under the terms of an approved manifest mailing system agreement with a minimum volume reduction provision.

2.3 Postage Statement

A complete postage statement must accompany each mailing paid with permit imprint.

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