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Labeling Lists

Labeling lists change frequently and are published and updated in the online DMM. Mailers may also subscribe to labeling list products and updates using Form 8184 (click on "Postage Statements" on Postal Explorer). For more information contact the National Customer Support Center at 800-238-3150.

L000 General Use

L001 5-Digit Scheme—Periodicals, Standard Mail, and Package Services Flats and Irregular Parcels

L002 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Matrix

L003 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Groups—3-Digit Scheme Sortation

L004 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Groups—ADC Sortation

L005 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Groups—SCF Sortation

L006 5-Digit FSS Scheme—Periodicals, Standard Mail, and Package Services Flats in Bundles

L007 5-Digit Scheme—Periodicals, Standard Mail, and Package Services Flats in Bundles

L008 3-Digit Scheme—Periodicals, Standard Mail, and BPM Flats in Bundles

L009 Mixed ADCs—Periodicals, Package Services Flats and Irregular Parcels and Standard Mail Flats

L010 NDC/ASF Entry—Standard Mail Letters and Package Services Irregular Parcels

L011 Non-NDC/ASF Entry—Periodicals and Standard Mail Letters

L200 Periodicals and First-Class Mail

L201 Periodicals Origin Split and First-Class Mail Mixed ADC/AADC

L600 Standard Mail and Package Services

L601 Network Distribution Centers (NDCs)

L602 ASFs

L605 NDCs/ASFs—Nonmachinable Parcel Post NDC Presort and ONDC Presort

L606 5-Digit Scheme—Standard Mail, First-Class Mail, and Package Services Parcels

L607 3-Digit ZIP Code Sort Option for Drop-Ship Mailers

L800 Automation Mailings

L801 AADCs—Letter-Size Mailings

Labeling Lists

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