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116 Deposit

1.0 Express Mail Next Day and Second Day Delivery

1.1 Deposit of Next Day and Second Day Delivery

Express Mail Next Day and Second Day Delivery items:

a. Express Mail weighing more than 13 ounces bearing only postage stamps as postage may not be deposited into a collection box, Postal Service lobby drop, Postal Service dock, customer mailbox, or other unattended location. These mailpieces are also precluded from pickup service. The sender must present such items to an employee at a retail service counter in a Postal Service facility. Improperly presented items will be returned to the sender for proper entry and acceptance. The “time and date of mailing” for these items is the time and date when the items are presented and accepted.

b. If manifested, will be accepted at the locations specified in the Express Mail Manifesting agreement.

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2.0 Express Mail Military Service

2.1 Deposit

Express Mail Military Service items must be presented by the times authorized by the local postmaster.

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3.0 Pickup on Demand Service

3.1 Availability

Express Mail Pickup on Demand service is available from designated Post Offices.

3.2 Pickup on Demand Fee

The Pickup on Demand fee is assessed and paid as described in 507.7.0.