283 Prices and Eligibility

1.0 Prices and Fees for First-Class Package Service

1.1 Price Application

Postage is based on the price that applies to the weight (postage) increment of each addressed piece. All prices and fees can be found in Notice 123—Price List.

1.2 Price Determination for First-Class Package Service

[1-17-16] First-Class Package Service prices start at 1 ounce and must weigh less than 16 ounces. Any fraction of an ounce is considered a whole ounce.

1.3 Commercial Base Prices

[1-17-16] Commercial prices are available when paid by one of the following methods:

a. Registered end-users of USPS-approved PC Postage products when using a qualifying shipping label, managed by the PC Postage system.

b. USPS-approved IBI postage meters that electronically transmit transactional data to USPS.

c. Permit imprint.

d. Permit holders using Merchandise Return Service (MRS) for First-Class Package Service mailpieces when all MRS requirements are met (505.3.0).

1.4 Surcharge

[1-17-16] A surcharge applies for parcels that are irregularly shaped, such as rolls, tubes, and triangles.

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2.0 Content Standards for First-Class Package Service Parcels

2.1 General

[1-17-16] In addition to restricted material described in 601.8.0, parcels mailed at First-Class Package Service prices may not contain documents or personal correspondence, except that such parcels may contain invoices, receipts, incidental advertising, and other documents that relate in all substantial respects to merchandise contained in the parcels.

2.2 Matter Required to be Mailed as First-Class Mail

[1-17-16] See 233.2.0 for a detailed description of matter required to be mailed as First-Class Mail or Priority Mail. The following types of contents must be mailed as First-Class Mail or -Priority Mail:

a. Bills and statements of account.

b. Personal information.

c. Handwritten and typewritten material.

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3.0 Basic Eligibility Standards for First-Class Package Service

3.1 Description of Service

[1-17-16] First-Class Package Service parcels receive expeditious handling and transportation.

3.2 Defining Characteristics

3.2.1 Inspection of Contents

[1-17-16] Articles mailed at First-Class Package Service prices are not sealed against postal inspection. Regardless of physical closure, the mailing of articles at First-Class Package Service prices constitutes consent by the mailer to postal inspection of the contents.

3.2.2 Forwarding and Return Service

The postage price of First-Class Package Service parcels includes forwarding service to a new address for up to 12 months and return of undeliverable parcels to the sender.

3.2.3 Additional and Extra Services

Extra services are available for First-Class Package Service parcels under 503 and for Hold for Pickup service under 508.7.0.

3.3 Additional Basic Standards

[1-17-16] All First-Class Package Service parcels must:

a. Meet the applicable postage payment standards in 284 and 604.7.0.

b. Bear a delivery address that includes the correct ZIP Code or ZIP+4.

3.4 IMpb Standards

All First-Class Package Service parcels must bear an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) prepared under 708.5.0. Mailpieces not meeting the requirements for use of unique Intelligent Mail package barcodes or extra services barcodes as outlined in Publication 199 will be assessed an IMpb noncompliance fee. For details see the RIBBS website at

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4.0 Price Eligibility for First-Class Package Service

[1-17-16] Single-piece prices apply to nonpresorted parcels mailed under 285.1.0.