760 Forwarding

761 General Procedures

761.1 Items Addressed to Foreign Countries

Items addressed to foreign countries generally will be forwarded to a new address of the addressee in the country of destination, subject to collection of redirection charges prescribed by the internal regulations of the country.

761.2 Forwarding to a Third Country

The original destination country may forward an item to a third country if the item complies with the conditions required for its further conveyance, and the extra postage is paid at the time of redirection or the original destination country is satisfied that it will be able to recover the redirection charges.

761.3 Endorsement Not to Forward

The sender may forbid any forwarding by placing an endorsement to that effect on the wrapper in a language understood in the country of destination.

761.4 Scanning Procedures

Forwarded items should be scanned/entered into the handheld scanner along with the corresponding event code.