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Quick Service Guide 150

Retail Parcels

USPS Retail Ground

January 17, 2016
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Physical Standards (101.7.0)

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Maximum weight: 70 pounds.

Maximum length and girth: 130 inches.

Prices and Fees (153.1.0)

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For a complete list of prices, see Notice 123Price List.

Prices are calculated based on weight and zone.

USPS Retail Ground is charged per pound or fraction thereof; any fraction of a pound is considered a whole pound.

Oversized price: pieces exceeding 108 inches but not more than 130 inches in combined length and girth are mailable at the oversized price for the zone to which addressed, regardless of weight.

Balloon price: parcels that weigh less than 20 pounds but measuring more than 84 inches (but not exceeding 108 inches) in combined length and girth are charged the 20-pound price for the zone to which addressed.

Content (153.3.0)

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USPS Retail Ground is mailable matter that is neither mailed or required to be mailed as First-Class Mail nor entered as Periodicals (except as permitted or required by standard).

Generally used for shipping merchandise.

Eligibility Standards (153.2.0)

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Each piece must include a complete delivery and return address.

Mailing items with no ancillary service endorsement obligates the mailer to pay any applicable forwarding and return postage charges at the single-piece price (507.1.5.4).

Postage Payment

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Stamps (604.1.0) or Meter (604.4.0). Pieces with postage affixed must bear the correct postage. Precancelled stamps and permit imprint not permitted.

Mail Preparation (155)

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Marking: Pieces must be marked “USPS Retail Ground” in the postage area (155.1.3).

There are no presort, sacking, or labeling standards for USPS Retail Ground with the correct postage affixed.

Enter and Deposit (156)

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USPS Retail Ground is primarily intended to be presented at a USPS retail service counter where USPS Tracking service can be initiated. USPS Retail Ground weighing more than 13 ounces bearing only postage stamps as payment must be presented to an employee at a retail service counter in a Postal Service facility.

Extra Services (503)

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May use COD, USPS Tracking, insurance, return receipt for merchandise, Signature Confirmation, and special handling. Return receipt and restricted delivery are available for COD mail or mail insured for more than $200.00.


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