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D200 Periodicals

D210 Basic Information


D210 describes service objectives and standards for mailing at the Periodicals rate. It also covers exceptional dispatch and deposit of Periodicals at airport mail facilities.

1.0 Service Objectives

The USPS does not guarantee the delivery of Periodicals within a specified time. Publications authorized or pending authorization for Periodicals entry receive, where practicable, expeditious distribution, dispatch, transit handling, and delivery. Publications labeled “NEWS” receive newspaper treatment if published weekly or more often or if authorized such treatment as of March 1, 1984.

2.0 Mail Deposit

Only a publisher or registered news agent authorized Periodicals mailing privileges may mail at the Periodicals rates. The First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, or Package Services rate must be paid on all copies mailed by the public or by a printer to a publisher. The publisher or news agent must present mailings at the Periodicals rates only:

a. At post offices where original entry, additional entry, or exceptional dispatch is authorized.

b. At the times and places designated by the postmaster of the office of mailing.

3.0 Exceptional Dispatch


The postmaster of an entry post office may authorize a publisher to deliver copies of a time-sensitive Periodicals publication, at the publisher’s own expense and risk, by exceptional dispatch from the post office of original or additional entry to other post offices.

3.2Intended Use

The provision for exceptional dispatch is intended for short-haul local distribution (zones 1 and 2) of publications with total circulation of no more than 25,000 and is not to be used to circumvent additional entry standards. Applications for exceptional dispatch for publications with over 25,000 total circulation may be considered on a case-by-case basis for possible waiver of the 25,000-circulation limit.


Exceptional dispatch may not be used for publications authorized to be mailed under the Centralized Postage Payment System or under the plant-verified drop shipment postage payment system.

3.4Destination Rates

Copies of Periodicals publications deposited under exceptional dispatch may be eligible for and claimed at the destination sectional center facility (DSCF) or destination delivery unit (DDU) rates if the applicable standards in E250 are met.


The publisher must file an application for exceptional dispatch at the office of original or additional entry where the postage is paid on the copies to be transported. The application must fully explain the proposed exceptional dispatch and include information on the mode of transportation and approximate time of arrival and the number of pieces qualifying for and mailed at the various presort level discount rates. If the number of pieces qualifying for and mailed at such rates changes more than 2%, the publisher must file an amended application with the approving office. The application may be filed jointly with applications for original entry, reentry, or special rates, or filed separately. No form is provided for this application.


The postmaster who received the application approves it if the requested exceptional dispatch improves service and does not add to USPS costs.


Denial of an application for exceptional dispatch may be appealed to the RCSC serving the post office of the known office of publication. The RCSC manager issues the final decision.

4.0 Deposit at AMF


A publisher that airfreights copies of a Periodicals publication to an airport mail facility (AMF) must be authorized additional entry at the post office where the copies are presented for postal verification. Postage must be paid at that office unless an alternative postage payment method is authorized. Copies presented at an AMF may be eligible for the delivery unit rate, subject to the applicable standards.


Authorization to enter airfreighted copies of a Periodicals publication at an AMF is obtained by filing an additional entry application. The distribution plan on Form 3510 must show the AMF as the entry point rather than the administering office (i.e., the post office responsible for the AMF). A publisher using plant-verified drop shipment must submit a copy of the distribution plan for the airfreighted copies to the administering office postmaster.

4.3Reentry Fee

The required additional entry fee is not due if:

a. Form 3510 is submitted with either an initial application for Periodicals mailing privileges or an application for reentry at a new original entry office, and the AMF is under the jurisdiction of that original entry office.

b. The verifying office is already an authorized original or additional entry for the publication.

4.4Publisher Responsibilities

For each mailing to be presented at the AMF, the publisher or agent is required:

a. To provide the administering office postmaster with a delivery schedule (including the publication title, volume, air carrier, flight number, and arrival schedule) before the first mailing under the authorization. A revised schedule must be provided when there are changes.

b. To arrange for delivery of the airfreighted copies of the publication to the AMF dock or other area specified by the postmaster.

c. To arrange for payment of postage and submission of required postage statements and documentation with the copies of the publication to the verifying post office.

d. To notify the designated AMF contact person when there are deviations from established transportation and delivery schedules.

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)