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E100 First-Class Mail

E150 Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM)


E150 describes QBRM, how to participate, and how rates and fees are applied.

1.0 Basic Standards


Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) is First-Class Mail that:

a. Is letter-size and is prepared to meet the automation compatibility requirements in C810 (except C810.8.1).

b. Meets all the Business Reply Mail (BRM) standards in S922.

c. Has postage and per piece charges deducted from a BRM advance deposit account.

d. Is authorized to mail at QBRM rates and fees under 2.0. During the authorization process, the mailer is assigned a unique ZIP+4 code for each rate category of QBRM to be returned under the system (one for card-rate pieces, one for letter-size pieces weighing 1 ounce or less, and one for letter-size pieces weighing over 1 ounce up to and including 2 ounces).

e. Bears the unique ZIP+4 code assigned during the application process in the address of each piece distributed. The ZIP+4 code on each piece must be the proper one assigned to the rate category of the piece on its return. The ZIP+4 codes assigned for this program must be used only on the organization's appropriate QBRM pieces.

f. Bears the correct barcode that corresponds to the unique ZIP+4 code in the address on each piece distributed. The barcode must be correctly prepared under C840 and S922.6.0.

g. Bears a properly prepared facing identification mark (FIM) C on each piece distributed.

2.0 Authorization

To participate in QBRM, the mailer must submit Form 6805, Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) Application, to the postmaster or business mail entry manager at the post office to which the pieces are to be returned. The mailer must have a valid BRM permit and pay the annual accounting fee to participate in QBRM. The USPS reviews preproduction samples for compliance with relevant standards. If the mailer’s request is approved, the USPS issues the mailer an authorization on the approved Form 6805.

3.0 Postage, Per Piece Charges, and Fees


The single-piece postage rates for QBRM First-Class Mail are applied to each returned piece as follows:

a. The QBRM rate for cards in R100 applies to a card meeting the applicable standards in 1.0 and C100.

b. The QBRM rate for letters in R100 applies to a letter meeting the applicable standards in 1.0 that is not eligible for and claimed at the QBRM rate for cards.

3.2Per Piece Charges

Each piece of returned QBRM is charged the per piece charge in R900.


The following fees apply to QBRM First-Class Mail:

a. The annual BRM permit fee.

b. The annual BRM accounting fee.

c. At the mailer’s option, a quarterly fee.

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)