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M500 Express Mail


M500 describes the preparation standards for Express Mail Same Day Airport Service, Custom Designed Service, Next Day, Second Day and Military Service, and the forms required for each service.

1.0 Express Mail Same Day Airport Service

1.1Security Measures

Because of aviation security and the dispatch of hazardous materials, the USPS may impose additional procedures for accepting an item for Express Mail Same Day Airport Service. USPS employees are not permitted to tell the mailer about the routing or the departure or arrival times of an Express Mail Same Day Airport Service item.

1.2Mailing Label

The mailer must complete a mailing label (Label 11-C) for each item.

1.3Outside Piece

An item that does not fit into an Express Mail pouch or that must be mailed as an outside piece may be accepted if documentation for the item is securely attached and the piece is identified as Express Mail with Label 63.

1.4Tag 2705

Each Express Mail Same Day Airport Service pouch or outside item (i.e., a piece that cannot fit into a mailing container) must have Tag 2705 attached to the pouch closure staple under the hasp. On outside items, the tag must be fastened near the attached Label 63.

2.0 Express Mail Custom Designed Service


The mailer must complete Form 5625 and, when appropriate, Form 3877. The completed form is placed in an EP-13 envelope that is affixed to the Express Mail pouch.

2.2Waiver of Signature

Waiver of signature is not available for Express Mail Custom Designed Service.


Except under 2.2 and D500, all Express Mail Custom Designed Service items must be presented in sealed Express Mail pouches.

3.0 Express Mail Next Day, Second Day, and Military Services

3.1Mailing Label

For each Express Mail Next Day Service item, the mailer must complete a mailing label—either Label 11-A or Label 11-E (for Post Office to Post Office Service) or Label 11-B or Label 11-F (for Post Office to Addressee Service). Mailers authorized to present Next Day or Second Day Express Mail items using an Express Mail Manifesting System are required to follow label preparation procedures in Publication 97, Express Mail Manifesting Technical Guide.


For an Express Mail Military Service (EMMS) item, the mailer may also have to complete a customs declaration under E010. Military (APO/FPO) mail cannot be accepted under an Express Mail Manifesting agreement.

3.3Waiver of Signature

A mailer sending an Express Mail item may instruct the USPS to deliver an Express Mail Next Day Service or Express Mail Second Day Service item without obtaining the signature of the addressee or the addressee’s agent, if not available, by signing a waiver on Label 11-B or Label 11-F. Completion of the waiver authorizes the delivery employee to sign for the delivery of the item. The item must be left in a secure location. Customers who waive the signature requirement will be provided only the delivery date and not an image of the signature when accessing delivery information on the Internet or when calling the toll-free number. Waiver of signature is not available for Express Mail COD or Express Mail Military Service.

3.4ZIP Code Determination

The mailer must determine:

a. For Express Mail Next Day Service, whether the item is destined to a 3-digit ZIP Code area to which Express Mail Next Day Service is offered from the point of origin. If the destination is not listed, the mailer must use Express Mail Second Day Service.

b. For Express Mail Military Service (EMMS), whether the item is addressed to a 5-digit APO/FPO ZIP Code to which EMMS is offered from the point of origin.

3.5Drop Shipment

The mailer must present matter prepared as an Express Mail drop shipment in Express Mail pouches. The proper mailing label or form must be placed in an EP-13 envelope and attached to each Express Mail pouch.

3.6Completing Form 3877

Form 3877 is available at no cost to any mailer who mails an average of three or more Express Mail items at one time, following these instructions:

a. The mailer must prepare Express Mail Custom Designed Service and Express Mail Next Day Service items as described above.

b. Form 3877 must be presented with the items to be mailed.

c. The mailer must enter on Form 3877 the full number of each Express Mail item and the addressee’s name and address.

d. All entries must be made in duplicate by typewriter, ink, or ballpoint pen. One copy is kept by the accepting employee. The other is receipted and returned to the mailer.

e. All unused parts of the address column in Form 3877 must be obliterated by drawing a diagonal line through the unused part. Any alteration must be initialed by the mailer and accepting employee.

f. For Express Mail Manifesting, a special verification manifest is used to present Express Mail items for acceptance as described in Publication 97. Form 3877, Firm Mailing Book for Accountable Mail, may be used only to list items for which special services have been requested. See P910.6.0 for information.

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)