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P700 Package Services


P700 describes payment options and documentation requirements for Package Services.

1.0 Basic Information

1.1Payment Method

The mailer is responsible for proper postage payment. Subject to the corresponding standards, postage for Package Services mail may be paid by any method except precanceled stamps. Pieces with postage affixed must bear the correct postage. Permit imprint may be used for mailings that contain nonidentical-weight pieces only under P910, P920, or P930. Permit imprint may be used for identical weight pieces provided the mail can be separated at acceptance into groups that each contain pieces subject to the same zone and same combination of rates (e.g., all are zone 4, Inter-BMC, with a BMC presort discount and a barcoded discount). Identical weight permit imprint mail also may be mailed under P910, P920, or P930.

1.2Postage Statement and Documentation

A complete postage statement must accompany each presorted and/or destination entry rate Package Services mailing, and any mailing paid with permit imprint. The postage statement must be supported by documentation as required by P012 and the rate claimed unless the correct rate is affixed to each piece or if each piece is of identical weight and the pieces are separated by rate when presented for acceptance.

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)