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S500 Special Services for Express Mail


S500 describes the special services available with Express Mail, including purchasing additional insurance. It also covers the procedures for claiming a postage refund.

1.0 Available Services

1.1Mailing Receipt

A receipt showing the time and date of mailing must be provided to the mailer on acceptance of Express Mail by the USPS. This receipt is a copy of the multipart Express Mail label affixed to the mailpiece and serves as evidence of mailing. Mailers authorized to present Express Mail under Express Mail Manifesting procedures in P910 must use a one-ply label and retain the verification manifest as the mailing receipt.

1.2Proof of Delivery

[7-10-03] Proof of delivery information for Express Mail is available as follows:

a. Individual requests by article number can be retrieved at or by calling 1-800-222-1811. A proof of delivery letter is provided via fax or mail.

b. Bulk proof of delivery letters are available only to mailers using Express Mail Manifesting service and can be obtained in CD-ROM or Signature Extract File formats. For additional information see Publication 80, Bulk Proof of Delivery Program.

1.3Return Receipt

Return receipt service under S915 may be purchased for Express Mail. The return receipt serves as evidence of delivery. The fee paid for this service does not insure the mailpiece against loss or damage. If a return receipt is requested, the mailer must show a complete return address on the mailpiece. The return address on the Express Mail label meets this requirement.

1.4Restricted Delivery

Restricted delivery service under S916 is not available for Express Mail.


Collect on delivery (COD) service under S921 may be purchased with Express Mail next day and second day service only.

1.6Insurance and Indemnity

Express Mail is insured against loss, damage, or rifling, subject to these standards:

a. Insurance coverage for Express Mail drop shipment ends on receipt at the destination postal facility.

b. All Express Mail signed for by the addressee, the addressee’s agent, or the delivery employee constitutes a valid delivery, and no indemnity for loss is paid. A waiver of signature cannot be used for Express Mail Custom Designed Service, Express Mail COD, or Express Mail with additional insurance.

c. Merchandise insurance coverage is provided against loss, damage, or rifling and is limited to a maximum liability of $100. (Additional insurance under 1.7 may be purchased up to a maximum coverage of $5,000.) Nonnegotiable documents are insured against loss, damage, or rifling, up to $100 per piece, subject to the maximum limit per occurrence as defined in S010.

d. Additional terms, coverage, and procedures of indemnity claims are in S010.

1.7Additional Insurance

Additional insurance, up to a maximum coverage of $5,000, may be purchased for merchandise valued at more than $100 sent by Express Mail. The insurance fee is entered in the block marked “Insurance” on the mailing label. If the label does not contain this specific block, the mailer uses the “COD” block by crossing out “COD,” writing “INS” to the right, and entering the fee for the applicable coverage. Coverage is limited to the actual value of the contents, regardless of the fee paid, or the highest insurance value increment for which the fee is fully paid, whichever is lower. If a waiver of signature is requested, additional insurance coverage is void.

2.0 [8-10-03] Express Mail Drop Shipment

For an Express Mail drop shipment, the content of each Express Mail pouch is considered one mailpiece for indemnity coverage, and the mail enclosed may receive only the following services:

a. First-Class Mail pieces may be sent with Certified Mail service or special handing or, for First-Class Mail parcels only, electronic option Delivery Confirmation service or electronic option Signature Confirmation service.

b. Priority Mail pieces may be sent with Certified Mail service, special handing, electronic option Delivery Confirmation, or electronic option Signature Confirmation.

c. Standard Mail pieces subject to the residual shape surcharge (except Customized MarketMail) may be sent with electronic option Delivery Confirmation service.

d. Package Services mail may be sent with special handling or, for Package Services parcels only, electronic option Delivery Confirmation service or electronic option Signature Confirmation service.

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)