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S900 Special Postal Services
S910 Security and Accountability

S914 Certificate of Mailing


S914 describes basic information and standard procedures for the certificate of mailing service.

1.0 Basic Information


Certificate of mailing service provides evidence that mail has been presented to the Postal Service for mailing. Certificate of mailing service does not provide a record of delivery.

1.2Eligible MatterBulk Quantities

Form 3606 is used for a bulk mailing as a certificate to specify the number of pieces mailed. This certificate is provided only for a mailing of identical pieces of First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Package Services. This certificate states only the total number of articles mailed and must not be used as an itemized list. A certificate of mailing cannot be issued for a bulk mailing paid with a permit imprint.

1.3Eligible Matter Single Pieces

Form 3817 is used for a certificate for a single piece of First-Class Mail (including Priority Mail) or Package Services. Facsimile forms also may be used.

1.4Eligible MatterThree or More Single Pieces

When requesting a certificate of mailing for three or more pieces presented at one time, a mailer may use Form 3877 (firm sheet) or a facsimile, subject to payment of the applicable fee for each item listed. Facsimile Forms 3877 must contain the same information as the postal-provided form. The sheets of the books become the sender’s receipts. All entries made in firm sheets must be made by typewriter, ink, or ballpoint pen. Alterations must be initialed by the mailer and accepting employee. All unused portions of the addressee column must be obliterated by drawing a diagonal line through them.

1.5Mailer Preparation

A certificate of mailing must be completed by the mailer, using a typewriter, ink, or ballpoint pen. Individual and firm sheet certificates must show the names and addresses of the sender and addressee and may show the amount of postage paid. The mailer may also place identifying invoice or order numbers on the certificate.

1.6Fee and Postage

In addition to the correct postage, the applicable certificate of mailing fee must be paid for each article on Form 3817 or for additional copies of either Form 3817 or Form 3877. The correct fee, based on the quantity mailed, must be paid in addition to postage for mailings of identical pieces of First-Class Mail and Package Services. Mailers paying with ordinary stamps, precanceled stamps, or meter stamps reported on Form 3606 must affix stamps or meter stamps to pay the bulk certificate of mailing fees. Mailers using Form 3877 with a permit imprint mailing can pay certificate of mailing fees with permit imprint.

1.7Additional Services

The following services may be combined with certificate of mailing on single pieces if the applicable standards for the services are met and the additional service fees are paid:

a. Parcel airlift service (PAL).

b. Special handling.

2.0 Presentation

2.1Rural Carriers

A mailer on a rural route or at a nonpersonnel rural unit may provide mail to the rural carrier with the fee for the certificate. The carrier obtains the certificate at the post office, attaches the stamps, cancels them by postmark, and delivers the certificate to the mailer on the next trip.

2.2Quantity Mailings

When the number of articles ordinarily presented justifies such action, the mailer must comply with these standards:

a. When the mailer wants individual certificates on Form 3817, the forms must be affixed by the stub to the pieces, or the forms must be numbered consecutively and fastened together.

b. When the mailer describes and lists the pieces on firm sheets or approved forms, but does not present the pieces in the order shown on the sheets, the mailer must consecutively number each entry and lightly number each piece to show the sheet and line number on which described.

2.3After Mailing

To obtain an additional certificate after mailing, the mailer must present the original certificate and an additional certificate endorsed “Duplicate” or a copy showing the original dates of mailing. The additional certificate must be postmarked to show the current date.

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