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D900 Other Delivery Services

D930 General Delivery and Firm Holdout


D930 describes the intent of general delivery and how to obtain and use a firm holdout.

1.0 General Delivery


General delivery is intended primarily as a temporary means of delivery:

a. For transients and customers not permanently located.

b. For customers who want post office box service when boxes are unavailable.

1.2Service Restrictions

General delivery is available at only one facility under the administration of a multifacility post office. A postmaster may refuse or restrict general delivery:

a. To a customer who is unable to present suitable identification.

b. To a customer whose mail volume or service level (e.g., mail accumulation) cannot reasonably be accommodated.

1.3Delivery to Addressee

A general delivery customer can be required to present suitable identification before mail is given to the customer.

1.4Holding Mail

General delivery mail is held for no more than 30 days, unless a shorter period is requested by the sender. Subject to 1.2, general delivery mail may be held for longer periods if requested by the sender or addressee.

2.0 Firm Holdout


Firm holdout service allows a customer to obtain street-addressed mail from the post office when the customer normally receives 50 letters or more on the first delivery trip, or when the customer is a news agent or publisher’s representative and receives publications that qualify for newspaper treatment.

2.2Obtaining and Using Service

To obtain firm holdout service, a customer must fill out Form 3801. The form must include the signature of each employee or agent authorized to pick up the mail. There is no fee for firm holdout service. On the postmaster’s approval, based on the availability of resources, the customer may pick up mail at a postal unit once each delivery day at the time and place of delivery specified by the postmaster.

2.3Service Cancellation

A customer may cancel a firm holdout at any time. The postmaster may cancel firm holdout service when the mail volume falls below the 50-piece requirement on each delivery day over a 30-day period. The postmaster may also cancel the service when the mail is not picked up for 10 consecutive days and the customer does not arrange with the postmaster to hold the mail. A customer may not request restoration of the service for 1 year after its cancellation.

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)