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G990 Experimental Classifications and Rates

G995 Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box



G995 contains rate and classification information for the 2-year Priority Mail flat-rate box experiment. The new flat-rate box options afford customers a single, predetermined rate, regardless of the actual weight or destination of the mailpiece.



The standards in G995 apply to each addressed USPS-produced Priority Mail flat-rate box (Postal Item Numbers: OFRB1 and OFRB2).

1.2Rate Application

Each USPS-produced Priority Mail flat-rate box is charged the experimental Priority Mail flat-rate box rate regardless of weight or destination.

1.3Basic Standards

Any amount of mailable material can be mailed in a USPS-produced Priority Mail flat-rate box. Only USPS-produced Priority Mail flat-rate boxes are eligible for the flat-rate box rate. All other applicable Priority Mail standards apply.

1.4Package Preparation

The box flaps must be able to close within the normal folds. Tape may be applied to the flap and seams for closure or to reinforce the box, provided the design of the box is not enlarged by opening the sides of the box and taping or reconstructing the box in any way.

2.0 RATE

2.1Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box Rate

The flat-rate box rate is $7.70. This initial rate is subject to change in a future rate proceeding.

2.2Postage Payment Methods

Postage may be paid with postage stamps, meter stamps, information-based indicia (IBI) meter, PC Postage system, or permit imprint, providing all the standards for the postage payment method are met.

DMM Issue 58 Updated 12-9-04