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124 Postage Payment Methods

1.0 Basic Standards for Postage Payment

1.1 Payment Method

Priority Mail postage may be paid with postage stamps (see 604.1.0), or meter stamps (see 604.4.0).

1.2 Affixing Postage—Single-Piece Mailings

In a postage-affixed mailing, the mailer must apply enough value in adhesive stamps or meter stamps equal to the postage required (including any surcharges). A mailer also may use precanceled stamps on Priority Mail.

1.3 Forever Prepaid Flat Rate Packaging

Priority Mail Forever Prepaid Flat Rate packaging must be purchased by credit card online at and bears a shipping label with affixed Forever Prepaid postage. Mailers adding extra services must take packages to a retail Post Office location for payment of the associated fees for each extra service added. USPS Tracking (electronic option) is included at no additional cost.