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144 Postage Payment and Documentation

1.0 Basic Standards for Postage Payment

1.1 Postage Payment Options

The mailer is responsible for proper postage payment. Postage for EDDM-Retail flatsmust be paid with a postage evidencing system indicia (604.4.0) of the correct amount of postage affixed to each piece or at the time of mailing by cash, check, debit card, or credit card.

1.2 Customer Registration

Mailers must obtain a Customer Registration ID (CRID), available online at

1.3 Postage Indicia

A postage indicia must be on each piece mailed as EDDM-Retail, printed above and to the right of the simplified address. See Exhibit 1.3 for the required wording of the indicia.

Exhibit 1.3 EDDM-Retail Indicia

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2.0 Mailing Documentation

2.1 Completing Postage Statements

Each mailing of EDDM-Retail flats be accompanied by a postage statement (PS Form 3587) completed and signed by the mailer.

2.2 Basic Documentation Standards

Documentation for mailings of EDDM-Retail flats includes the postage statement (see 2.1), a sample mailpiece, and (if applicable) a list of “do not deliver” addresses.