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155 Mail Preparation

1.0 Preparation for Standard Post

1.1 Basic Preparation

[1-27-13] There are no presort, sacking, or labeling standards for Standard Post pieces.

1.2 Delivery and Return Addresses

[1-27-13] All Standard Post pieces must bear both a delivery address and the sender’s return address.

1.3 Basic Markings

[1-27-13] The basic required marking—“Standard Post”—must be printed on each piece. The basic required marking must be placed in the postage area (i.e., printed or produced as part of, or directly below or to the left of, the permit imprint indicia or meter stamp or impression). Optionally, the basic required marking may be printed on the shipping address label as service indicators composed of a service icon and service banner (see Exhibit 102.3.3, Standard Post and Package Services Indicator Examples):

a. The service icon that will identify all Standard Post pieces will be a 1-inch solid black square. If the service icon is used, it must appear in the upper left corner of the shipping label.

b. The service banner must appear directly below the postage payment area and the service icon, and it must extend across the shipping label. If the service banner is used, the marking “STANDARD POST” must be preceded by the text “USPS” and must be printed in minimum 20-point bold sans serif typeface, uppercase letters, centered within the banner, and bordered above and below by minimum 1-point separator lines. There must be a 1/16-inch clearance above and below the text.