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454 Postage Payment and Documentation

1.0 Basic Standards for Postage Payment

1.1 Postage Payment Options

[1-27-13] Mailing fees must be paid for the current 12-month period at the Postal Service facility where postage is paid for the mailing.

a. Permit imprint may be used for identical-weight pieces provided the mail can be separated at acceptance into groups that each contain pieces subject to the same zone and same combination of prices (e.g., all are zone 4, with an NDC presort discount).

b. Except for plant-verified drop shipments (see 705.17.0), Electronic Verification System (eVS) shipments (see 705.2.9), and metered mail drop shipments (see 705.20.0), the mailer must have a meter license or permit imprint authorization at the destination facility parent Post Office for mailings deposited for entry at a DNDC or ASF, at a DSCF, or at the parent Post Office of a DDU. Except for manifested mail using eVS under 705.2.9, postage and fees are paid to the Post Office that verifies the mailings. The mailer must ensure that Form 8125 accompanies plant-verified drop shipments along with mailing documentation.

1.2 NDC as Agent

The DNDC may verify and accept mail if authorized by PS Form 4410, Authorization for NDC Acceptance, to act as an agent for the parent Post Office where the mailer's account, or license is held (see Exhibit 1.2).

Exhibit 1.2 NDC/ASF Parent Post Office


Parent Post Office

Zone Chart

Albuquerque ASF

Albuquerque NM 87101-9998


Atlanta NDC

Atlanta GA 30304-9998


Billings ASF

Billings MT 59101-9998


Buffalo ASF

Buffalo NY 14240-9998


Chicago NDC

Chicago IL 60607-9998


Cincinnati NDC

Cincinnati OH 45234-9998


Dallas NDC

Dallas TX 75260-9998


Denver NDC

Denver CO 80202-9998


Des Moines NDC

Des Moines IA 50318-9998


Detroit NDC

Detroit MI 48233-9998


Fargo ASF

Fargo ND 58102-9998


Greensboro NDC

Greensboro NC 27420-9998


Jacksonville NDC

Jacksonville FL 32203-9998


Kansas City NDC

Kansas City KS 66106-9998


Los Angeles NDC

Los Angeles CA 90052-9998


Memphis NDC

Memphis TN 38101-9998


Minneapolis NDC

Minneapolis MN 55401-9998


New Jersey Int’l & NDC

Newark NJ 07102-9998


Oklahoma City ASF

Oklahoma City OK 73125-9998


Philadelphia NDC

Philadelphia PA 19104-9998


Phoenix ASF

Phoenix AZ 85026-9998


Pittsburgh NDC

Pittsburgh PA 15290-9998


St. Louis NDC

Saint Louis MO 63155-9998


Salt Lake City ASF

Salt Lake City UT 84199-9998


San Francisco NDC

Oakland CA 94615-9998


Seattle NDC

Seattle WA 98109-9998


Sioux Falls ASF

Sioux Falls SD 57101-9998


Springfield NDC

Springfield MA 01101-9998


Washington NDC

Southern MD 20790-9998


1.3 Completing Postage Statements

All metered and permit imprint mailings of 50 pieces or more, except manifested mail using eVS under 705.2.9, must be accompanied by a postage statement completed and signed by the mailer (in duplicate if the mailer wants a receipted copy). A change made to any postage statement requires the mailer (agent) to correct the postage statement and document the correction.

1.4 Documentation

Mailings must be documented as follows:

a. Postage Statement. A complete, signed postage statement, using the correct USPS form or an approved facsimile, must accompany each mailing.

b. Other Documentation. When presented for acceptance, documentation of postage by entry office and presort level (e.g., by DNDC, ONDC Presort and NDC Presort mail and by 5-digit ZIP Code for DSCF and DDU prices) is required under 705.2.0 through 705.4.0 in Advanced Preparation and Special Postage Payment Systems. Except for DSCF, mail palletized under the alternate preparation option that requires separate documentation, other documentation is not required when the correct price is affixed to each piece, or when each piece is of identical weight and the pieces are separated by zone and within each zone are grouped by pieces subject to the same combination of prices. DSCF mail palletized under the alternate preparation option in 705.8.0 must submit the detailed documentation required in 705.8.20.2.

1.5 Basic Documentation Standards

Unless manifested using eVS under 705.2.9, mailings presented to the USPS generally require documentation. Supporting documentation of postage is required unless the correct price is affixed to each piece or each piece is of identical weight and the pieces are separated by postage when presented for acceptance. Documentation describes the preparation, price level, and content of the mailing; details the volume and postage data; and, by comparison with the actual mailing it describes, supports the claims contained on the postage statement accompanying the mailing and allows the USPS to verify its accuracy. Documentation must be submitted when specified for the price claimed or payment method used.

1.6 Preparing Documentation

As provided by standards, documentation may be presented in abbreviated form or on computer-readable media. Required documentation must be presented with every mailing unless, by standard, it may be provided to support multiple mailings or mailings that are part of the same job or cycle.

1.7 Multiple Standards

If multiple documentation standards apply to the same mailing, only one set of documentation is necessary if it provides enough information to meet all applicable standards. Redundant or duplicate documentation is not required simply to meet individual standards.

1.8 Providing Additional Information

The postmaster of the office of mailing may require additional information if the documentation submitted does not allow the corresponding mailing to be verified. Failure to provide information is sufficient reason for the USPS to refuse a mailing. The mailer may appeal any determination to the PCSC under 607.

1.9 Reporting Multiple Mailings on One Statement

Each group of pieces prepared as a separate mailing must be presented with a postage statement using the correct USPS form for the price and postage payment method. A mailer may report more than one mailing from a single job on the same postage statement if: the mailings are presented at the same time for verification; the pieces are in the same processing category; each mailing separately meets all applicable eligibility standards; and the number of pieces in each mailing is separately reported on the postage statement.

1.10 Facsimile Postage Statements

Facsimile postage statements must contain data and elements in locations as close as possible to where they appear on the USPS form. Data fields that do not pertain to information and prices claimed in the mailing, and other extraneous information that appears on the USPS form, do not have to be included. Facsimiles must include all other information pertaining to the mailing such as the postage payment method (e.g., permit imprint), and four-digit form number (hyphen and suffix optional). All parts, and line numbers within each part, must reflect those on the USPS form. In some cases, this can include fields from multiple USPS forms onto a single facsimile. Most importantly, the facsimile must fully and exactly reproduce the “Certification” and “USPS Use Only” fields that appear on the USPS form. A facsimile postage statement produced by software certified by the USPS Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation (PAVE) or Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC) program is considered a USPS-approved form for these standards. Others may be approved by the entry office postmaster.