Customer Support Ruling

Copyright Material – Media Mail

UPDATED June 2014

PS-109 (273.3.1)

This CSR discusses the eligibility of copyright material at Media Mail prices.

Prior to January 1, 1978, articles transmitted to postmasters for mailing to the Register of Copyrights to comply with the deposit requirements of the Copyright Law could be sent as penalty mail of the Library of Congress, for which the Library reimbursed the Postal Service. However, effective January 1, 1978, these provisions were repealed because section 105(e) of Public Law 94-553 repealed the authorization to use penalty envelopes for copyright material. Subsequent to this date, persons seeking copyright registration must fully prepay applicable postage and fees on copyright material mailed to the Register of Copyrights.

When copyright registration materials consist of such items as playscripts, and manuscripts for books, periodicals, and music, they are acceptable in the mails at Media Mail prices under Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 273.3.1f*. The marking “Media Mail” must be placed conspicuously on the address side of each package as prescribed in DMM 202.3.

*See also DMM 173.4.

Sherry Suggs


Mailing Standards

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