Customer Support Ruling

Pallets Containing Simplified Addressed Mailpieces

UPDATED January 2017

PS-337 (705.8)

This Customer Support Ruling discusses the preparation and labeling of pallets of simplified addressed mailpieces, commonly referred to as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

The segregation of palletized bundled or trayed mailpieces bearing simplified addresses, from those bearing complete delivery addresses, will enable the Postal Service to avoid directing these nonmachinable mailpieces to automation sites. The identification of all pallets containing simplified mailpieces will further expedite the process of directing these mailpieces to the correct destination. These practices benefit mailers by avoiding simplified addressed mailpieces to be erroneously directed to automated processing equipment, delaying delivery.

The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 705.8.5.3 states that pallets may contain a minimum of 100 pounds of nonletter-size mail or 12 linear feet of letter trays if it is a NDC or ASF pallet entered at the destination NDC or ASF; an ADC pallet entered at the destination ADC; an SCF pallet entered at the destination SCF; or the only pallet entered at an applicable individual destination facility.  DMM 705.8.6.5 states that the content line (line 2 of required information) must be the second visible line on the label. This line must show the class and processing category of the mail on the pallet and other information as specified by standard.

When a mailer is preparing saturation flats bearing simplified addresses intended for delivery to ZIP Codes shown in Labeling List L006 or L007 or saturation letters bearing simplified addresses, they are encouraged to separately prepare no-minimum weight pallets for both the simplified addressed mailpieces and the pieces bearing complete delivery addresses. Mailers using this option must substitute the indicator “EDDM” for “CR-RT” in the line 2 content line description for each pallet placard. The “EDDM” indicator should be used on all pallets containing simplified address mailpieces, even pallets containing both simplified address mailpieces and mailpieces bearing complete delivery addresses. For example USPS Marketing Mail flats will be labeled “MKT EDDM FLTS” and USPS Marketing Mail letters (permitted for rural routes and non-city PO Box sections only) will be labeled “MKT EDDM LTRS.”


Lizbeth Dobbins


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