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336 Enter and Deposit

1.0 Deposit

1.1 Service Objectives

All First‑Class Mail receives expeditious handling and transportation. The USPS follows uniform guidelines for distributing and delivering mail but does not guarantee delivery within the specified time. Local postmasters can provide more information. [D100.1.1]

1.2 Time and Location of Deposit

First‑Class Mail paid at the Presorted rate or at any automation rate must be deposited at locations and times designated by the postmaster. Metered mail must be deposited in locations under the jurisdiction of the licensing post office except as permitted in 604.4.10. Permit imprint mail must be deposited under 604.6.0 and 705, Advanced Preparation and Special Postage Payment Systems. [D100.2.2]

1.3 Approved Collections

The USPS may collect Presorted First‑Class Mail and automation rate First‑Class Mail at a mailer's facility if part of an approved collection service for other classes of mail; space is available on the transportation required for those classes; and:

a. Acceptance and verification are done at the customer's facility; or

b. Postage is paid with permit imprint under an optional procedure; or

c. Postage is paid with meter or precanceled stamps. [D100.2.5]

1.4 Permit Imprint Collection

The USPS does not collect presort mailings from a customer's facility if paid with a permit imprint and not covered by optional procedures. [D100.2.4]

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2.0 Verification

2.1 USPS Verification and Mailer Correction

Mailings are subject to USPS procedures to verify correct preparation and postage payment. The mailer is responsible for correcting irregularities found in the mailing. If, at the acceptance unit, a mailing is found not to qualify for a Presorted First‑Class rate or an automation First‑Class rate, the mailer must either take corrective action or pay the full single‑piece rate. The return of such mailings to the mailer's facility for any reworking is the mailer's responsibility. [D100.3.1]

2.2 Timeframe for Corrective Action

If a mailer corrects the presort or preparation problems in a metered or precanceled stamped mailing that caused its disqualification when originally presented for acceptance, but cannot resubmit that mailing on the same day, the date shown in the meter or mailer's precancel postmark must be corrected. The mailer may either reenvelope each piece and reapply postage and request a postage refund or apply a legible ".00" meter impression that includes the correct mailing date. [D100.3.2]

2.3 Payment at Single‑Piece Rate Rather than Correcting Errors

A mailer who pays the single‑piece First‑Class rate rather than correcting errors in a mailing paid with meter or precanceled stamps must pay the difference in cash at the window and present the copy of the cash receipt to the acceptance point before the mail may be released for processing. A mailer who makes the same choice for a mailing paid with a permit imprint must correct the postage statement presented with the mailing to show that postage is to be paid at the higher rate. [D100.3.3]