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114 Postage Payment Methods

1.0 Postage Payment Methods

1.1 Payment Method

Retail Express Mail postage may be paid with adhesive stamps (see 604.1.0) or with meter stamps (see 604.4.0).The mailer is responsible for proper payment of postage.

1.2 Affixing Postage—Single-Piece Mailings

In a postage-affixed Express Mail mailing, the mailer must affix to each piece a value in adhesive stamps or meter stamps equal to at least the postage required.

1.3 Prepaid Reply Postage

Meter stamps may be used to prepay reply postage on any Express Mail shipment. The mailer must place meter stamps, sufficient to prepay postage in full, on the envelope, tube, or other mailing container that bears the return address of the meter license holder. Reply mail prepaid with meter stamps is delivered only to the address of the meter license holder. If the address is altered, the mail is held for postage.

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2.0 Postage Refunds

[8-2-10] Postage refunds may not be available if delivery was attempted within the times required for the specific service, or for any of the following reasons:

a. The item was properly detained for law enforcement purposes.

b. The item was delayed due to strike or work stoppage.

c. The item was delayed because of an incorrect ZIP Code or address; forwarding or return service was provided after the item was made available for claim.

d. The shipment is available for delivery, but the addressee made a written request, i.e. Hold Mail request, that the shipment be held for a specific day(s).

e. The delivery employee discovers that the shipment is undeliverable as addressed before leaving on the delivery route.

f. If authorized by USPS Headquarters, and the delay was caused by governmental action beyond the control of USPS or air carriers; war, insurrection, or civil disturbance; delay or cancellation of flights; projected or scheduled transportation delays; breakdown of a substantial portion of USPS transportation network resulting from events or factors outside the control of USPS; or acts of God.

g. The shipment contained live animals and was delivered or delivery was attempted within 3 days of the date of mailing.

h. The Express Mail Next Day shipment was mailed December 22 through December 25 and was delivered or delivery was attempted within 2 business days of the date of mailing.

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