215 Inquiries, Postage Refunds, and Indemnity Claims

215.1 Inquiries

Inquiries concerning the delivery of Global Express Guaranteed items are made by calling 800–222–1811 or through the Postal Service Web site.

215.2 Postage Refunds

Postage may be refunded for a shipment mailed at a participating Post Office facility before the specified deposit time if the carrier does not deliver the shipment, does not attempt to deliver the shipment, or does not make the shipment available in accordance with the postage-refund delivery guarantee standards in Publication 141 on or before close of business in the local time zone in the delivery location. To request refunds or obtain details on how to file a claim, contact a customer service representative at 800–222–1811. The original receipt of the Global Express Guaranteed Air Waybill/Shipping Invoice (shipping label) is required for a postage refund. Requests for postage refunds must be made no later than 30 days from the date of mailing. Shipments to post office box addresses are not eligible for refunds. The signature of the recipient or recipient’s agent is required upon delivery of the refund.

215.3 Indemnity Claims

If a shipment is lost or damaged, the sender may file a claim for document reconstruction costs (for document items), or for the declared value of the shipment costs (for non-document items). All claims must be initiated within 30 days of the shipment date by contacting a customer service representative at 800-222-1811. The representative will provide more details on how to file a claim. The original receipt of the Global Express Guaranteed Air Waybill/Shipping Invoice must be included when filing a claim. Consult Publication 141 for limitations and restrictions on indemnity payments for Global Express Guaranteed items. The Global Express Guaranteed customer service office will adjudicate refunds for Global Express Guaranteed. The Global Express Guaranteed customer service office can be contacted at 800-222-1811. Final approval and payment will be made by the Postal Service.

215.4 Extent of Postal Service Liability for Lost or Damaged Contents

Liability for a lost or damaged Global Express Guaranteed shipment is limited to the lowest of the following:

  1. $100 or the amount of additional optional insurance purchased.
  2. The actual amount of the loss or damage.
  3. The actual value of the contents.

“Actual value” means the lowest cost of replacing, reconstructing, or reconstituting the allowable contents of the shipment (determined at the time and place of acceptance). See Individual Country Listings.

215.5 Insurance

215.51 Insurance for Global Express Guaranteed

Document reconstruction insurance (the reasonable costs incurred in reconstructing duplicates of nonnegotiable documents mailed) and non–document insurance for loss or damage up to $100 per shipment are included at no additional charge. (See Individual Country Listings for availability.) Additional insurance may be purchased for document and non–document shipments, as outlined in section 215.52, not to exceed the total cost of reconstruction, $2,499, or a lesser amount as limited by country, content, or value. Coverage, terms, and limitations are subject to change.

215.52 Insurance Fees


Insurance Amount



No Fee









For document reconstruction insurance or non–document insurance coverage above $500, add $1.00 per $100 or fraction thereof, up to a maximum of $2,499 per shipment.