260 Direct Sacks of Printed Matter to One Addressee (M–bags)

261 Description

261.1 General

M-bags are defined as direct sacks of printed matter (see 261.22) sent to a single foreign addressee at a single address. There are three types of M–bags: Airmail M-bags, International Priority Airmail (IPA) M-bags, and International Surface Air Lift (ISAL) M-bags. All M-bags are subject to the following conditions of mailing:

  1. Maximum weight of a sack: 66 pounds (including the tare weight of the sack). Lower maximum weights apply to certain countries. See the Individual Country Listings.
  2. Availability: All destinations that are referenced in the Individual Country Listings for Airmail M-bags, in Exhibit 292.452 for IPA M-bags, and in Exhibit 293.452 for ISAL M-bags.
  3. Identification: PS Tag 158, Mbag Addressee Tag, must be completed and attached to the neck of the sack.
  4. Postage: The applicable postage for Airmail M-bags, International Priority Airmail (IPA), and International Surface Air Lift (ISAL) must be affixed to PS Tag 158.
  5. Extra services: Certificate of mailing is available. Registry and insurance are not available.

261.2 Eligibility

261.21 Printed Matter

Printed matter is admissible in M-bags. Articles that meet the definition of “printed matter” include newspapers, magazines, journals, books, sheet music, catalogs, directories, commercial advertising, and promotional matter. “Printed matter” is defined as follows:

  1. Papers upon which words, letters, characters, figures, images, or any combinations thereof appear.
  2. Papers that do not have the character of a bill or statement of account.
  3. Papers that do not have the character of current and personal correspondence.
261.22 Other Articles

Certain other articles may be enclosed in M-bags, provided that all of the following conditions of mailing are met:

  1. The articles being sent are limited to discs, tapes, and cassettes; commercial samples shipped by manufacturers and distributors; or other non-dutiable commercial articles or informational materials that are not subject to resale.
  2. The articles are related to the printed matter (see 261.21) with which they are being mailed.
  3. The articles are affixed to or are otherwise combined with the accompanying printed matter.
  4. The combined weight of each printed matter mailpiece and the related articles may not exceed 4 pounds.
  5. The M-bag must be accompanied by a fully completed PS Form 2976, Customs Declaration CN 22 Sender’s Declaration, which is to be affixed to PS Tag 158, M-bag Addressee Tag.
261.23 Mail Not Sealed Against Inspection

M-bags are not sealed against inspection. Regardless of physical closure, the mailing of an M-bag, including an airmail, IPA, or ISAL M-bag, constitutes consent by the mailer to inspection of the contents.