134 Valuable Articles

134.1 Service Options

The following services can be used to send the articles noted in 134.2:

  1. First-Class Mail International service with Registered Mail service.
  2. Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes with Registered Mail service.
  3. Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes with Registered Mail service.
  4. Priority Mail International service with insured service.

Note: Neither Express Mail International service nor ordinary (uninsured) Priority Mail International service can be used to send the articles noted in 134.2.

134.2 List of Articles

The following valuable articles may be sent only with the services noted in 134.1:

  1. Coins, banknotes, and currency notes (paper money).
  2. Instruments payable to bearer. (The term “instruments payable to bearer” includes checks, drafts, or securities that can be legally cashed or easily negotiated by anyone who may come into possession of them. A check or draft payable to a specific payee is not regarded as payable to bearer unless the payee has endorsed it. If not endorsed, or if endorsed in favor of another specific payee, it is not regarded as payable to bearer.)
  3. Traveler’s checks.
  4. Manufactured and unmanufactured platinum, gold, and silver.
  5. Precious stones, jewels, jewelry, watches, and other valuable articles.
  6. Note: The term “jewelry” is generally understood to denote articles of more than nominal value. Inexpensive jewelry, watches, such as tie clasps and costume jewelry, containing little or no precious metal, is not considered to be jewelry within the meaning of this section and is accepted under the same conditions as other mailable merchandise to any country. Inexpensive jewelry is accepted to countries that prohibit jewelry, but only at the sender’s risk.

134.3 Prohibitions

Individual countries prohibit or restrict some or all of the valuable items listed above. See the “Prohibitions and Restrictions” section in the Individual Country Listings.