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Quick Service Guide 507c
Additional Services
Meter Reply Mail (MRM)

January 2006
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507a, Business Reply Mail (BRM)
507b, Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM)


Overview (604.4)

Meter stamps may be used to prepay reply postage on Express Mail; Priority Mail (up to 1 pound); all First-Class cards, letters, and flats up to a maximum of 13 ounces; single-piece Media Mail and Library Mail.

The USPS provides free of charge the FIM (facing identification mark) and appropriate barcode to print on meter reply letter-size mailpieces. The guidelines on the reverse will help optimize the use of this format.

The following conditions apply (604.4.9.4):

  • Meter stamp amount must be enough to prepay postage in full.
  • Meter stamps may be printed directly on a mailpiece or address label that bears the delivery address of the meter license holder. A label must adhere so that once applied, it cannot be removed in one piece. Reply mail prepaid with meter stamps is delivered only to the address of the license holder.
  • Any photographic, mechanical, or electronic process (other than handwriting, typewriting, or handstamping) may be used to prepare the address side of meter reply mail. The address side must follow the style and content of the example on the reverse.
  • Meter stamps used to prepay reply postage must not show the date, except for IBI generated by a PC Postage system (604.4.9.4c).

Envelopes and cards formatted for meter reply mail on which the mailer failed to imprint a meter stamp are treated as basic BRM (604.7.2). Such mail is delivered after payment of postage and the applicable BRM per-piece charge (507.9.6).


Barcodes (708.4)

Barcodes on letter-size pieces may be placed either in the address block or in the lower right barcode clear zone. The correct barcode could be a delivery point barcode, a ZIP+4 barcode (if the address is assigned a (unique) ZIP+4 code), or, in some cases, a 5-digit barcode (if the address is assigned a (unique) 5-digit ZIP Code).

All letter-size reply cards and envelopes (business reply, courtesy reply, and meter reply mail) provided as enclosures in automation First-Class Mail, Periodicals, and Standard Mail must meet the standards in 201.3.14.

For the specific DMM standards applicable to this category of mail, consult the DMM sections referenced above and the general sections within each DMM module.


Meter Reply Mail Layout Guidelines

This graphic describes Meter Reply Mail standards as described in the text.


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