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Quick Service Guide 707a

Special Standards

Periodicals General Information and Eligibility

July 2007
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Rates and Fees (707.1.0)

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Application for Periodicals authorization $500.00

Additional entry application 75.00

Reentry fee 55.00

News agent registry 45.00

Rates include piece charges, pound rates (advertising and nonadvertising), Outside-County bundle and container charges, and applicable discounts.

Outside-County and In-County rates apply per 707.12.0. The Preferred rate discount is available under 707.10.0; see Quick Service Guide 707b.

Apply the bundle and container rates as follows:

  • Bundle rates do not apply to barcoded letter-size mail prepared in full letter trays or to flat-size mail prepared in flat trays under the optional tray preparation (707.22.7).
  • For mailings prepared in trays or sacks, mailers pay the container rate for each tray or sack based on container level and entry.
  • For mailings prepared on pallets (705.8.0):

— For bundles placed directly on pallets, mailers pay the container rate for each pallet.

— For trays or sacks on pallets, mailers pay the container rate for each tray or sack, and not for the pallets. The container rate for each tray or sack is based on the tray or sack level and where the pallet is entered.

  • For bundles and containers with both In-County and Outside-County pieces, mailers do not pay the bundle or container charges for carrier route, 5-digit carrier routes, and 5-digit/scheme bundles, pallets, sacks, and trays.

Eligibility Standards (707.4.0)

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For authorized publications (e.g., magazines and newspapers) whose primary purpose is transmitting information. Periodicals must be issued at least four times a year at a stated frequency from a known office of publication and be formed of printed sheets. General publications must have a legitimate list of subscribers, and requestor publications must have a legitimate list of requestors or subscribers. All pieces within each mailing must be in the same processing category.

Application form required (707.5.1).

Authorization: Periodicals entry in one of these five categories (707.6.0):

  • General publications.
  • Publications of institutions and societies.
  • Publications of state departments of agriculture.
  • Requester publications.
  • Foreign publications.

Records: maintained by publisher to support application and confirm eligibility for entry at Periodicals rates; specific standards by category.

Additional standards: circulation, documentation, advertising limits, and other conditions that vary by category.

Limits apply to nonsubscriber/nonrequester distribution for general and requester publications.

Identification: title, identification statement (707.4.12).

Supplements, enclosures, parts, sections, and editions are permitted under applicable standards.

Additional documentation and separate postage statement required for mailings combining more than one edition or publication.

Limits apply to advertising percentage and mailpiece components (e.g., independent material and products are not permitted at Periodicals rates).

The simplified and exceptional address formats are prohibited on Periodicals publications intended to count as subscriber or requester copies to meet applicable circulation standards (602.3.1.2).

Postage Payment and Documentation (707.16.0, 707.17.0)

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Identification: title on cover and identification statement (707.4.11).

Postage statement: Form 3541, Periodicals One Issue or One Edition, or approved facsimile.

Advance deposit account(s) at original and each additional entry post office, unless authorized under Centralized Postage Payment (CPP) (707.16.5).

Mail Preparation

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Nonbarcoded Letters and Flats (707.22.0), Carrier Route (707.23.0), Barcoded Letters (707.24.0), or Barcoded Flats (707.25.0), as appropriate.

Enter and Deposit (707.29.0)

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Only at authorized original and additional entry post office(s), unless authorized exceptional dispatch under 707.29.4.

For the specific DMM standards applicable to this category of mail, consult the DMM sections referenced above and the general sections within each DMM module.


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