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Quick Service Guide 707b

Special Standards

Periodicals Nonprofit, Classroom, and Science-of-Agriculture

July 2007
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Rates and Fees (707.1.0)

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Application for Periodicals authorization $500.00

Additional entry application 75.00

Reentry fee 55.00

No additional fee to mail at a Preferred Periodicals rate.

Rates include piece charges, pound rates (advertising and nonadvertising), Outside-County bundle and container charges, and applicable discounts.

The Preferred rate discount applies to Outside-County postage, excluding the postage for advertising pounds, for Nonprofit, Science-of-Agriculture, and Classroom rate publications; In-County rates apply to all eligible in-county copies (707.11.3).

Apply the Outside-County bundle and container rates as follows:

  • Bundle rates do not apply to barcoded letter-size mail prepared in full letter trays or to flat-size mail prepared in flat trays under the optional tray preparation (707.22.7).
  • For mailings prepared in trays or sacks, mailers pay the container rate for each tray or sack based on container level and entry.
  • For mailings prepared on pallets (705.8.0):

— For bundles placed directly on pallets, mailers pay the container rate for each pallet.

— For trays or sacks on pallets, mailers pay the container rate for each tray or sack, and not for the pallets. The container rate for each tray or sack is based on the tray or sack level and where the pallet is entered.

  • For bundles and containers with both In-County and Outside-County pieces, mailers do not pay the bundle or container charges for carrier route, 5-digit carrier routes, and 5-digit/scheme bundles, pallets, sacks, and trays.

Eligibility Standards (707.10.0, 707.11.0)

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Available for publications authorized under specific standards for Nonprofit, Classroom (707.10.0), or Science-of-Agriculture (707.11.0) rates. These standards are in addition to the criteria in Quick Service Guide 707a.

See Quick Service Guide 707a for basic eligibility standards.

Application form required (707.5.1).

Nonprofit standards: the publication must be issued by and in the interest of a religious, educational, scientific, philanthropic, agricultural, labor, veterans', or fraternal organization not organized for profit and none of whose net income benefits a private stockholder or individual (707.10.0). Also generally eligible (regardless of the nonprofit status of the publishing organization) are:

  • Publication issued by and in the interest of an association of rural electric cooperatives.
  • Program announcement or guide published by an educational radio or television agency of a state or political subdivision thereof or by a nonprofit educational radio or television station.
  • Publication of the official highway or development agency of the state meeting the standards for a general publication (707.10.3) and containing no advertising except the publisher's own advertising.
  • Conservation publication published by a state agency responsible for the management and conservation of the fish or wildlife resources of that state.

Classroom: publication must be designed for educational, religious, or scientific use in school classrooms or religious instruction classes.

Science-of-Agriculture: rates apply to outside-county copies of an authorized Periodicals publication mailed by a publisher or news agent when the total copies provided during any 12-month period to subscribers residing in rural areas are at least 70% of the total number of copies distributed by any means for any purpose.

Postage Payment and Documentation (707.16.0, 707.17.0)

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Identification: title on cover and identification statement (707.4.11).

Postage statement: Form 3541, Periodicals One Issue or One Edition, or approved facsimile.

Advance deposit account(s) at original and each additional entry post office, unless authorized under Centralized Postage Payment (CPP) (707.16.5).

Mail Preparation

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Nonbarcoded Letters and Flats (707.22.0), Carrier Route (707.23.0), Barcoded Letters (707.24.0), or Barcoded Flats (707.25.0), as appropriate.

Enter and Deposit (707.29.0)

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Deposit only at authorized original and additional entry post office(s), unless authorized exceptional dispatch under 707.29.4.


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