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156 Deposit

1.0 Deposit for Parcel Post

1.1 Single-Piece Rate Mailings

Single-piece rate Parcel Post mail must be deposited at a time and place specified by the postmaster or designee at the office of mailing. Metered mail may be deposited at other than the licensing post office only as permitted under 705.17.0, Metered Mail Drop Shipment. Permit imprint mail must be presented at the post office under 604.5.0, Permit Imprint (Indicia).

1.2 Designated Mailing Office

Parcel Post must be mailed at the post office from which the zone rate postage was computed, except under 1.3 and 1.4.

1.3 Redirected Mailings

A mailer who presents large mailings of zoned Parcel Post mail may be authorized or directed to deposit such mailings at another postal facility when processing or logistics make such an alternative desirable for the USPS, subject to these conditions:

a. Zoned postage need not be recomputed if both the original post office of mailing and the alternative facility use the same zone chart for computing zoned postage, based on the 3-digit prefix of their ZIP Codes.

b. Postage must be recomputed on pieces in mailings redirected to a postal facility that uses a different zone chart for computing zoned postage.

c. Postage for pieces claimed at the Parcel Post Intra-BMC local zone rates must be recomputed at the applicable zone rate for the alternative postal facility. Postage also may be recomputed for other pieces that are ineligible for the Parcel Post Intra-BMC local zone rates but could become eligible at the postal facility to which the mailing is redirected.

1.4 BMC Acceptance of Zoned Parcel Post

A mailer may present zoned Parcel Post at a BMC for acceptance if:

a. Metered postage is paid through a postage meter licensed at the BMC parent post office, or permit imprint postage is paid through an advance deposit account at the BMC parent post office or another post office in the BMC service area, unless otherwise permitted by standard.

b. Zoned postage is computed from the BMC parent post office.

c. The BMC is authorized by Form 4410 to act as acceptance agent for the entry post office.

1.5 Pickup fees

The Parcel Post pickup fee must be paid every time pickup service is provided, subject to the corresponding standards in 507.5.0.