DMM TOC > 600 Basic Standards for All Mailing Services

608 Postal Information and Resources

1.0 About the Domestic Mail Manual

1.1 Content of the DMM

Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) contains the basic standards of the United States Postal Service (USPS) governing its domestic mail services; descriptions of the mail classes and extra services and conditions governing their use; and standards for rate eligibility and mail preparation. Domestic mail is classified by size, weight, content, service, and other factors.

1.2 Copies of the DMM

The DMM is distributed to all post offices and is available online on Postal Explorer ( Copies of the DMM may be inspected during normal business hours at USPS Headquarters; area and district offices; and all domestic post offices, stations, and branches. A copy is also filed at the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration. The public may buy copies by subscription from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office (see 8.1 for address).

1.3 Revisions to the DMM

USPS may change the standards in the DMM. Substantive revisions are published in the Postal Bulletin and, when appropriate, the Federal Register.

1.4 Terms in the DMM

Terms in the DMM referring to the singular also apply to the plural, unless the context indicates otherwise. The term postmaster also applies to an officer-in-charge if the postmaster position is vacant and, in district host cities, to the district manager.

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2.0 Domestic Mail

2.1 Definition of "Domestic"

Domestic mail is mail transmitted within, among, and between the United States of America, its territories and possessions, Army post offices (APOs), fleet post offices (FPOs), and the United Nations, NY. For this standard, the term territories and possessions comprises the following:

American Samoa
Manua Island, Swain's Island, Tutuila Island
Baker Island
Howland Island
Jarvis Island
Johnston Atoll
East Island, Johnston Island, North Island,
Sand Island
Kingman Reef
Midway Atoll
Eastern Island, Sand Island, Spit Island
Navassa Island
Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of the
Rota Island, Saipan Island, Tinian Island
Palmyra Atoll
Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of
U.S. Virgin Islands
St. Croix Island, St. John Island,
St. Thomas Island
Wake Atoll
Peale Island, Wake Island, Wilkes Island

2.2 Mail Treated as Domestic

[1-8-06] Mail originating in the United States of America, its territories and possessions, APOs, FPOs, and the United Nations, NY, for delivery in the Freely Associated States, and mail originating in the Freely Associated States for delivery within, among, and between the Freely Associated States and the United States of America, its territories and possessions, APOs, FPOs, and the United Nations, NY, is treated as if it were domestic mail. The term Freely Associated States comprises the following:

Ebeye Island
Majuro Island
Palau, Republic of
Koror Island
Chuuk (Truk) Island
Kosrae Island
Pohnpei Island
Yap Island

2.3 International Mail

International mail is mail addressed to or received from foreign countries, except under 2.2. Provisions for international mail are published in the International Mail Manual.

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3.0 Post Offices and Holidays

3.1 Management of Post Offices

3.1.1 Establishment of Post Offices

The USPS establishes and maintains post offices, stations, and branches for customer convenience.

3.1.2 Closing or Consolidation of Post Offices

Under 39 U.S. Code (USC) 404(b), any decision to close or consolidate a post office must be based on certain criteria. These include the effect on the community served; the effect on employees of the post office; compliance with government policy established by law that the USPS must provide a maximum degree of effective and regular postal services to rural areas, communities, and small towns where post offices are not self-sustaining; the economic savings to the USPS; and other factors that the USPS determines necessary. In addition, certain mandatory procedures apply.

3.1.3 Procedures for Post Offices

The Postal Operations Manual contains USPS rules for discontinuing, consolidating, or suspending service at an existing post office or other postal facility; changing a post office or other postal facility name; setting public business hours of postal facilities; and using bulletin boards and handling lost articles found in public areas of postal facilities.

3.1.4 Military Post Offices

Military post offices (MPOs) are branches of a U.S. civil post office, operated by the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps to serve military personnel overseas or aboard ships. The term includes Army post offices (APOs) for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force and fleet post offices (FPOs) for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps. MPOs provide postal service for military personnel where the U.S. civil postal service does not operate and a military situation requires the service. MPOs are established or discontinued by the USPS only on request of the military department that operates them. Notice of these actions is published in the Postal Bulletin. Military post offices do not verify and accept bulk or discounted-rate mail; such mailings must be deposited at (nonmilitary) U.S. post offices.

3.2 Holiday Service

Exhibit 3.2a and Exhibit 3.2b shows the national holidays observed by the USPS and the service levels provided on those holidays for retail window, post office box, firm call, delivery, and collection services.

a. Holidays widely observed:

Exhibit 3.2a Holidays Widely Observed

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Day of Holiday
and Surrounding Days


Delivery Services

Collection Services

Retail Window





Express Mail

Friday (holiday)







Time decal

























Saturday (holiday)







Time decal








Time decal









Sunday (holiday)















Time decal 1

















Monday (holiday)







Time decal 1

Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (holiday)







Time decal

Preceding Day








  1. When a holiday is observed on Monday and no residential collection is scheduled on Sunday, a full residential collection may be provided on the Monday holiday. Consecutive days without collections should be avoided.

b. Holidays not widely observed:

Exhibit 3.2b Holidays Not Widely Observed

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday; Presidents Day; Columbus Day; and Veterans Day

Day of Holiday
and Surrounding Days


Delivery Services

Collection Services

Retail Window





Express Mail

















Monday (holiday)1







Time decal 2

  1. Veterans' Day, November 11, is the only movable holiday in the group of holidays designated as not widely observed; the other three holidays listed in section B are always observed on Mondays. When Veterans' Day falls on any day except Sunday, the services provided on that holiday are the same as those shown for Monday. When Veterans' Day falls on Sunday, the service levels are the same as those shown for Sunday; the USPS, however, observes the holiday on Monday and treats it as a Monday holiday.
  2. When a holiday is observed on Monday and no residential collection is scheduled on Sunday, a full residential collection may be provided on the Monday holiday. Consecutive days without collections should be avoided.

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4.0 Philatelic (Stamp Collecting) Services

4.1 Basic Standards

4.1.1 Philatelic Policy

A single national USPS policy governs postage stamps and postal stationery, including their release, sale, and discontinuance.

4.1.2 Stamp Subjects

Subjects for commemorative postage stamps and postal stationery may be proposed by the public through correspondence to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (see 8.1 for address). The Committee reviews suggestions and makes recommendations to the postmaster general, who makes the final selections.

4.1.3 Philatelic Availability

Stamps, postal stationery, and philatelic products are sold at various types of postal retail facilities. Post offices establish special temporary stations to provide philatelic services and to sell commemorative stamps and philatelic products at activities of significant public or philatelic interest. Temporary philatelic stations may be authorized by the postmaster. Under specific circumstances, the USPS may limit or set conditions on the purchase of stamps and other forms of postage or postal stationery.

4.1.4 Philatelic Mail Orders

Mail orders for postage stamps of selected quality and other philatelic items must be directed to Stamp Fulfillment Services. Post offices do not fill mail orders for stamps and other philatelic items other than orders under the stamps-by-mail program and for locally precanceled stamps. Customers must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of precanceled stamps.

4.1.5 Philatelic Postmarking

Postmarking for philately is provided at the request of collectors or cover servicers for postmarking outside ordinary mail processing. The Postal Operations Manual contains USPS policy on philatelic postmarking, including cancellation devices, types of postmarks or cancellations, first day covers, postal cacheted envelopes, and service conditions.

4.2 Special Cancellations

4.2.1 Description of Special Cancellations

Special cancellations are machine cancellations in which a caption publicizing an event is engraved on a die hub used to cancel mail. They may be used only in post offices with 190 or more revenue units for canceling large volumes of mail. Special cancellations are authorized only if the scheduled observance either is for a national purpose for which Congress has made an appropriation or is of general public interest and importance for a definite period and not conducted for private gain or profit.

4.2.2 Prohibitions for Special Cancellations

Special cancellations are not authorized for events of interest primarily to a particular local group; fraternal, political, religious, service, commercial, or trade organizations; campaigns or events promoting the sale or use of private products or services; idea or slogan promotions not directly connected with an event of general public interest and importance; post office anniversaries; recruitment programs; or events that occur during a period when all canceling machines in the post office are scheduled for other special cancellation die hubs.

4.2.3 Applying to Use Special Cancellations

A written application for a special cancellation die hub must be submitted to the postmaster at the post office where the special cancellation is to be used. The application must be submitted by the sponsor at least 4 months before the date the special cancellation is to be used. The application must provide this information:

a. Complete description and schedule of the event to be observed; evidence that the event is not for private gain or profit; and the name, address, and telephone number of the sponsor to be billed for the cost of manufacturing the die hubs.

b. The wording of the special cancellation, which must be standardized and approved by the sponsor's national headquarters when the sponsor is an affiliate or local chapter of a national organization. Standardized requests for national events must be forwarded to the manager of Mailing Standards (see 8.1 for address.) Space available for the wording is limited to three lines of not more than 20 letters, numbers, or spaces each. Illustrations or designs may not be used. The wording must directly reflect the event to be commemorated.

c. Post office name and telephone number where the cancellation is to be used, number of die hubs required, and the requested period of use.

4.2.4 Sponsor Payment for Special Cancellations

The sponsor must pay the cost of manufacturing the special cancellation die hub and any cost incurred for installing the hub or in adapting canceling machines for its use.

4.2.5 Time Limit on Use of Special Cancellations

Use of a special cancellation may not exceed 6 months. A special cancellation approved on an annual basis is limited to one 60-day period for each year. A request must be submitted for reuse of recurring annual cancellations 3 months before the date the sponsor wants the cancellation to be used again. For national cancellations, a single request from the national sponsor suffices.

4.2.6 Revocation of Special Cancellations

Use of any special cancellation may be curtailed or revoked when it is necessary to use special postmarking dies for USPS purposes.

4.2.7 After Use of Special Cancellations

Used die hubs may not be given to sponsors or transferred to another post office. A request from the sponsor that a special cancellation die hub be kept for an appropriate purpose (e.g., placement in a museum, library, or historical site) may be approved by the manager of Mailing Standards (see 8.1 for address).

4.2.8 Information about Special Cancellations

More information about special cancellations is in the Postal Operations Manual.

4.2.9 Mail Submitted for Special Cancellations

A mailer must affix First-Class postage to mail that the mailer wants canceled with a special cancellation. The mail must bear a complete address. Stamps issued by foreign countries are not permitted on the mail. Mail bearing the special cancellation will not be enclosed in another envelope for return even if a postage-paid envelope is provided by the customer. Damaged envelopes canceled with a special cancellation are not replaced.

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5.0 Private Express Statutes

5.1 Private Express Statutes

5.1.1 Legal Foundation

By the laws known as the Private Express Statutes, Congress has generally conferred on the USPS the exclusive right to carry letters for others over post routes. USPS regulations under the Private Express Statutes are in the Code of Federal Regulations, 39 CFR 310 and 320, as amended by final rules published in the Federal Register. These regulations take precedence over all prior rulings and USPS publications. Copies of the regulations are available from the manager of the Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) (see 8.4 for address).

5.1.2 Definition of a Letter for Private Express

For the Private Express Statutes, a letter is a message directed to a specific person or address and recorded in or on a tangible object. A message consists of any information or intelligence that can be recorded on tangible objects including, but not limited to, paper in sheet or card form, recording disks, and magnetic tapes. Certain matter is excluded from the definition of letter, e.g.: telegrams; checks and certain other instruments shipped to, from, or between financial institutions; newspapers; and periodicals. The regulations detail exclusions.

5.1.3 Postage for Private Express

If the proper postage is paid, letters may be privately carried without violating the Private Express Statutes. The regulations detail compliance. Under certain circumstances, letters may be privately carried without paying postage. The principal exceptions cover letters sent with, and related in all substantial respects to, some part of the cargo or to the ordering, shipping, or delivering of the cargo; letters carried by the senders or the recipients, or by their regular salaried employees; and letters carried to or from a postal facility where they are to be or have been carried in the mail. The regulations detail exceptions.

5.1.4 Suspensions of Private Express Statutes

Limited suspensions of the Private Express Statutes specify the conditions under which: (a) private couriers may carry data-processing materials, international ocean carrier documents, extremely urgent letters, and advertisements incidental to the shipment of accompanying merchandise or periodicals; and (b) universities and colleges may carry the letters of their bona fide student and faculty organizations. Carriers wanting to use the suspension for data-processing materials must file a notice of their intention on a form available from the manager of the PCSC.

5.1.5 Violations of Private Express Statutes

The PCSC reviews initial reports of possible violations of the Private Express Statutes. When warranted by the facts, possible violations are forwarded to the USPS General Counsel for further action.

5.1.6 Legal Advice for Private Express

The public and USPS employees can obtain authoritative advice on the Private Express Statutes, including written advisory opinions, by contacting the Senior Counsel, Ethics and Information, USPS Headquarters (see 8.4 for address and telephone number).

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6.0 Complaints and Postal Law Violations

6.1 Consumer Complaints and Inquiries

Any postal customer may complain or inquire about postal products, services, or employees at any post office or directly to the USPS Consumer Advocate (see 8.1 for address). A complaint or inquiry may be made in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or by letter. A complaint or inquiry about the handling of a specific piece of mail should include the related envelope or wrapper and copies of all postal forms filed. A customer who is dissatisfied with the local handling of a complaint or inquiry may send a written appeal to the Consumer Advocate. A court of law can require such appeal as a legal prerequisite for hearing a customer's suit against the USPS.

6.2 Postal Law Violations

Instructions on mail security as it relates to unauthorized opening, inspection, tampering, or delay of mail are in Administrative Support Manual 274. Information and complaints on a possible postal law violation must be sent to the appropriate address according to the ZIP Code ranges shown below:

ZIP Codes


003-079, 08005, 08006, 08008, 08050, 08087, 08092, 08501-08504, 08506-08510, 08512-08514, 08516, 08517, 08519-08553, 08555-08561, 08600-08639, 08642-08691, 087-098, 100-149

Postal Inspection Service

PO Box 2613

Jersey City NJ 07303‑2613

08001-08004, 08007, 08009-08049, 08051-08086, 08088-08091, 08093-08099, 081-084, 08505, 08511, 08515, 08518, 08554, 08562, 08640-08641, 150-39776, 700-799

Postal Inspection Service

225 N Humphreys Blvd

Memphis TN 38120‑2149

400-693, 800-884, 850-999

Postal Inspection Service

222 S Riverside Plz Ste 1250

Chicago IL 60606‑6100

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7.0 Trademarks and Copyrights of the USPS

7.1 Trademarks and Service Marks

7.1.1 Registered Marks

The following are among the registered USPS trademarks and service marks:

Business Reply Mail
Priority Mail
Priority Mail United States Postal Service Design
Delivery Confirmation
The Eagle Logo
Signature Confirmation
Express Mail
Stamps By Mail
Stamps to Go
First-Class Mail
U.S. Mail and Design
Official Election Mail and Design
U.S. Postal Service
The Old Eagle Design
United States Post Office
Parcel Post
United States Postal Service
PC Postage
United States Postal Service and Design (with the Eagle Logo)
Planet Code
We Deliver
Planet Code USPS and Design
We Deliver For You
Postal Explorer

7.1.2 Use of Registered Marks

USPS trademarks must be used in the form listed in 7.1.1. Proper use of USPS registered marks requires capitalizing the initial letters of the marks to distinguish them from terms not used as trademarks. Words and phrases that are registered trademarks may also use the registration symbol �. Figures that are registered marks must always use the registration symbol. (An exception to this rule is the USPS emblem used on letterheads and business cards. All other uses of the emblem must include the �.)

7.1.3 Proposed or Pending Registration

The USPS has additional trademarks not yet registered. The rules in 7.1.2 apply to these common law marks, except that such marks are not to be identified by the symbol �. Instead, the superscript initials TM may be used to identify these marks. The common law USPS trademarks and service marks for which registration is pending or proposed include the Express Mail International Service logotype, Presort, Registered Mail, and Standard Mail.

7.2 Copyrights

7.2.1 Copyrighted Material

The USPS secures copyrights in its philatelic designs and certain publications. The designs of postage stamps, stamped envelopes, stamped cards, aerogrammes, souvenir cards, and other philatelic items issued on or after January 1, 1978, are copyrighted by the USPS under title 17 USC.

7.2.2 Permitted Use of Copyrighted Material

The use of illustrations of the designs covered by such copyrights is permitted:

a. In editorial matter in newspapers, magazines, journals, books, philatelic catalogs, and philatelic albums.

b. In advertising matter, circulars, or price lists for the sale of the postal items illustrated.

c. In advertising matter, circulars, or price lists for the sale of newspapers, magazines, journals, books, philatelic catalogs, and philatelic albums containing illustrations of philatelic designs.

d. In motion-picture films, microfilms, slides, or electronic tape for projection on a screen or for use in telecasting. No print or other reproduction from such films, slides, or tapes may be made except for the uses permitted in this section.

7.2.3 Design Reproductions of Copyrighted Material

Illustrations permitted by 7.2.2a. through 7.2.2d may be in color or in black and white, and may depict philatelic items as uncanceled or canceled. When depicting uncanceled items in color, illustrations must be less than 75% or more than 150% in linear dimension of the size of the design of the philatelic items as issued. Color illustrations of canceled philatelic items and black and white illustrations of uncanceled or canceled philatelic items may be in any size.

7.2.4 License Request for Copyrighted Material

The USPS may grant licenses for the use of illustrations of its copyright designs and registered trademarks outside the scope of the above permission. A request for such a license must be sent to the manager, Licensing, Public Affairs and Communications (see 8.1 for address).

7.3 Inquiries about USPS Trademarks and Copyrights

Inquiries about USPS copyrights or use of USPS trademarks and service marks, copyright materials, and intellectual property other than patents and technical data rights in USPS contracts must be sent to USPS Stamp Development. Inquiries about licenses to publish or reproduce ZIP Code information must be sent to the National Customer Support Center (see 8.1 for address).

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8.0 USPS Contact Information

8.1 Postal Service

BMC Operations
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 7631
Washington DC 20260-2806

Business Mail Acceptance
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 2P846
Washington DC 20260-0846

Business Mailer Support
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 2P826
Washington DC 20260-0826

Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
Stamp Development
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW
Washington DC 20260-2435

Claims and Processing
Accounting Service Center
US Postal Service
PO Box 80143
St Louis MO 63180-0143

Claims Appeals
Accounting Service Center
US Postal Service
PO Box 80141
St Louis MO 63180-0141

Consumer Advocate
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW
Washington DC 20260-2200

Customer Service Support
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 5621
Washington DC 20260-5621

Distribution Operations
Washington DC Post Office
900 Brentwood Rd NE
Washington DC 20066-9704

US Postal Service
8403 Lee Hwy
Merrifield VA 22082-8101

Engineering Letter Tech
US Postal Service
8403 Lee Hwy
Merrifield VA 22082-8101

General Counsel
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW
Washington DC 20260-1100

Label Printing Center
US Postal Service
500 SW Gary Ormsby Dr
Topeka KS 66624-9502
(800) 332-0317

Public Affairs and Communications
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 10519
Washington DC 20260-3100

Mailing Standards
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 3436
Washington DC 20260-3436

Material Distribution Center
US Postal Service
500 SW Gary Ormsby Dr
Topeka KS 66624-9502
(800) 332-0317

Money Order Branch
Accounting Service Center
US Postal Service
PO Box 82450
St Louis MO 63182-2450

National Customer Support Center
US Postal Service
6060 Primacy Pkwy Ste 201
Memphis TN 38188-0001

Postage Technology Management
US Postal Service
1735 N Lynn St Rm 5011
Arlington VA 22209-6370

Postal Inspection Service
222 S Riverside Plz Ste 1250
Chicago IL 60606-6100

Postal Inspection Service
PO Box 2613
Jersey City NJ 07303-2613

Postal Inspection Service
225 N Humphreys Blvd
Memphis TN 38120-2149

Post Office Accounting Manager
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 8831
Washington DC 20260-5241

Pricing and Classification
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 5014
Washington DC 20260-5014
(see 8.4.1 for Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) address)

Pricing Strategy
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 3616
Washington DC 20260-3616

Product Development
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW Rm 5012
Washington DC 20260-5012

Prohibitory Order Processing Center
PO Box 1500
New York NY 10008-1500

Judicial Officer
US Postal Service
2101 Wilson Blvd Ste 600
Arlington VA 22201-3078

Senior Counsel
Ethics and Information
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW
Washington DC 20260-1127

Stamp Development
US Postal Service
1735 N Lynn St Rm 5013
Arlington VA 22209-6432

Stamp Fulfillment Services
PO Box 219424
Kansas City MO 64121-9424

8.2 Federal Agencies

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
US Department of the Treasury
1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20226-0001

Bureau of the Public Debt
US Department of the Treasury
PO Box 1328
Parkersburg WV 26106-1328

Diplomatic Pouch Division
US Department of State
1375 K St NW
Washington DC 20522-0508

Office of the Federal Register
National Archives and Records Administration
1100 L St NW Rm 8401
Washington DC 20005-0001

Plant Protection and Quarantine Programs
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
US Department of Agriculture
4700 River Rd
Riverdale MD 20737-1228

Postal Rate Commission
901 New York Ave NW Ste 200
Washington DC 20268-0001

Superintendent of Documents
US Government Printing Office
941 N Capitol St NE
Washington DC 20402-9371
(For subscription to the Domestic Mail Manual)

US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Department of the Interior
18TH and C St NW
Washington DC 20240-0001

8.3 Other Agencies

American National Standards Institute
11 W 42ND St
New York NY 10036-8002
(212) 642-4900

Automatic Identification Manufacturers (AIM)
634 Alpha Dr
Pittsburgh PA 15238-2802
(412) 963-8588

Uniform Code Council INC
7887 Washington Village Dr Ste 300
Dayton OH 45459
(937) 435-3870

8.4 PCSC and District Business Mail Entry Offices Contact Information

The Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) and the district business mail entry offices provide guidance on mail classification, rates, and mail preparation standards. Direct questions about mail classification and special mail services to local postal officials. The PCSC can help local offices answer these questions. (Note: Zip Code Prefix 340 is shared by South Florida and New York districts. Unassigned prefixes are not listed.)

8.4.1 Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC)

90 Church St Ste 3100
New York NY 10007-2951
Telephone: (212) 330-5300 / Fax: (212) 330-5320

Exhibit 8.4.1 Business Mail Entry Offices

Business Mail Entry

3‑Digit ZIP Code Service Area

Great Lakes Area

Central Illinois District
6801 W 73rd St
Bedford Park, IL 60499-9651
(708) 563‑7770 / Fax (708) 563‑7703

604, 605, 609, 613-619, 625-627

Chicago District
433 W Harrison St
Chicago IL 60607-9651
(312) 983-8460 / Fax (312) 983-8484


Detroit District
1401 W Fort St Rm 813
Detroit MI 48233-9651
(313) 226-8678 / Fax (313) 226-8124

481, 482, 492

Gateway District
1720 Market St Rm 2001
St Louis MO 63155-9651
(314) 436-4103 / Fax (314) 436-5424

620, 622-624, 628-631, 633-635, 650-653

Greater Indiana District
3939 Vincennes Rd
Indianapolis IN 46298-9651
(317) 870-8504 / Fax (317) 870-8684

460-469, 472-475, 478, 479

Greater Michigan District
678 Front Ave NW
Grand Rapids MI 49599-9651
(616) 776-6165 / Fax (616) 776-6176

486-491, 493-497

Lakeland District
PO Box 5007
Milwaukee WI 53201-5007
(414) 287-2548 / Fax (414) 287-2515

498, 499, 530-532, 534, 535, 537-539, 541-545, 549

Northern Illinois District
500 E Fullerton Ave
Carol Stream IL 60199-9651
(630) 260-5573 / Fax (630) 260-5149

600-603, 610, 611

Southeast Michigan District
1 Ajax Dr Ste 101
Madison Heights MI 48071-9640
(248) 546-1379 / Fax (248) 414-6751

480, 483-485

Southeast Area

Alabama District
351 24th St N
Birmingham AL 35203-9651
(205) 521-0349 / Fax (205) 254-0176

350-352, 354-368

Atlanta District
3900 Crown Rd Rm 1410
Atlanta GA 30304-9651
(404) 765-7541 / Fax (404) 765-7582

300-303, 305, 306, 311, 399

Central Florida District
800 Rinehart Rd PO Box 999620
Mid Florida FL 32799-9620
(407) 333-4878 / Fax (407) 444-3020

327-329, 334, 347, 349

Mississippi District
401 E South St
Jackson MS 39201-9640
(601) 351-7126 / Fax (601) 351-7501

369, 386-397

North Florida District
1100 Kings Rd Rm 219
Jacksonville FL 32203-9651
(904) 366-4882 / Fax (904) 366-4889

320-326, 344

South Florida District
2200 NW 72nd Ave Rm 528
Miami FL 33152-9651
(305) 470-0717 / Fax (305) 470-0799

330-333, 340

South Georgia District
451 College St Rm
Macon GA 31213-9651
(478) 752-8720 / Fax (478) 752-8602

298, 299, 304, 308-310, 321 312-319, 398

Suncoast District
5433 W Sligh Ave Ste A
Tampa FL 33634-9651
(813) 243-5938 / Fax (813) 243-7453

335-339, 341, 342, 346

Tennessee District
525 Royal Pkwy
Nashville TN 37229-9651
(615) 885-9103 / Fax (615) 885-9287

307, 370-385

Southwest Area

Albuquerque District
1135 Broadway Blvd NE Rm 148
Albuquerque NM 87101-9651
(505) 346-8106 / Fax (505) 346-8135

865, 870-875, 877-884

Arkansas District
600 E Capitol Ave
Little Rock AR 72202-9651
(501) 375-3008 / Fax (501) 372-5763


Dallas District
951 W Bethel Rd
Coppell TX 75099-9651
(972) 462-2208 / Fax (972) 462-2219


Fort Worth District
4600 Mark IV Pkwy
Fort Worth TX 76161-9621
(817) 317-3635 / Fax (817) 317-3339

739, 760-764, 768, 769, 790-796

Houston District
401 Franklin St Rm 114
Houston TX 77201-9653
(713) 226-3222 / Fax (713) 226-3155


Louisiana District
701 Loyola Ave Rm 1101
New Orleans LA 70113-9651
(504) 589-1104 / Fax (504) 589-1508

700, 701, 703-708, 710-714

Oklahoma District
3030 NW Expressway Ste 1042
Oklahoma City OK 73198-9651
(405) 553-6126 / Fax (405) 553-6107

730, 731, 734-738, 740, 741, 743-749

Rio Grande District
10410 Perrin Beitel Rd Rm 1069
San Antonio TX 78284-9651
(210) 368-8308 / Fax (210) 368-1664

733, 765-767, 779-789, 797-799

New York Metro Area

Caribbean District
585 Ave FD Roosevelt Ste 125
San Juan PR 00936-9651
(787) 622-1795 / Fax (787) 622-1788


Central New Jersey District
21 Kilmer Rd
Edison NJ 08899-9651
(732) 819-3672 / Fax (732) 819-3889

077-079, 085-089

Long Island District
160 Duryea Rd
Melville NY 11747-8040
(631) 755-2930 / Fax (631) 755-2940

005, 115, 117-119

New York District
421 8th Ave Rm 3212
New York NY 10199-9651
(212) 330-4230 / Fax (212) 330-3801

090-098, 100-102, 104, 340

Northern New Jersey District
494 Broad St Rm 223
Newark NJ 07102-9334
(973) 468-7076 / Fax (973) 468-7219


Triboro District
1050 Forbell St Rm 2011.3
Brooklyn NY 11256-9602
(718) 348-3760 / Fax (718) 348-3753

103, 110-114, 116

Westchester District
1000 Westchester Ave
White Plains NY 10610-9651
(914) 697-7019 / Fax (914) 697-7022

004, 105-109, 124-127

Northeast Area

Albany District
30 Old Karner Rd
Albany NY 12288-9601
(518) 452-4034 / Fax (518) 564-7451

120-123, 128-139

Boston District
25 Dorchester Ave
Boston MA 02205-9651
(617) 654-5444 / Fax (617) 654-5026

021, 022, 024

Connecticut District
77 Hartland St
East Hartford CT 06108-9641
(860) 610-3100 / Fax (860) 610-3114


Maine District
380 Riverside St
Portland ME 04103-7021
(207) 828-8430 / Fax (207) 828-8448


Massachusetts District
76 Main St
North Reading MA 01889-9651
(978) 664-7639 / Fax (978) 664-7090

010-019, 055

New Hampshire District
955 Goffs Falls Rd
Manchester NH 03103-9651
(603) 644-3844 / Fax (603) 644-3865

030-038, 050-054, 056-059

Southeast New England District
181 Corliss St
Providence RI 02904-9651
(401) 752-5640 / Fax (401) 752-5699

020, 023, 025-029

Western New York District
55 Msgr Valente Dr.
Buffalo NY 14206-9651
(716) 846-2562 / Fax (716) 846-2396


Eastern Area

Appalachian District
PO Box 59651
Charleston WV 25350-9651
(304) 561-1060 / Fax (304) 561-1033

240-243, 245-259, 261-268

Central PA District
1425 Crooked Hill Rd 3rd FL
Harrisburg PA 17107-9651
(717) 257-4819 / Fax (717) 257-2152

169-179, 182, 184-188, 195, 196

Cincinnati District
990 Dalton AVE
Cincinnati OH 45203-9651
(513) 684-5588 / Fax (513) 684-5691

410, 434-436, 450-455, 458, 459, 470

Columbus District
2323 Citygate Dr
Columbus OH 43218-9651
(614) 472-0386 / Fax (614) 472-0388

430-433, 437, 438, 456, 457

Erie District
111 Franklin St Rm 226
Johnstown PA 15901-9651
(814) 533-4914 / Fax (814) 533-4983

155, 157-168

Greater South Carolina District
PO Box 929651
Columbia SC 29292-9651
(803) 926-6329 / Fax (803) 926-6326


Greensboro District
PO Box 27499
Greensboro NC 27498-9651
(336) 668-1250 / Fax (336) 668-1366

270-279, 286

Kentuckiana District
PO Box 31651
Louisville KY 40231-9651
(502) 454-1720 / Fax (502) 454-1673

400-409, 411-418, 420-427, 471, 476, 477

Mid-Carolinas District
2901 Interstate 85 S
Charlotte NC 28228-9979
(704) 393-4420 / Fax (704) 393-4470

280-285, 287-289, 297

Northern Ohio District
2400 Orange Ave Rm 24
Cleveland OH 44101-9603
(216) 443-4100 / Fax (216) 443-4186


Philadelphia District
2970 Market St Rm 514
Philadelphia PA 19104-9651
(215) 895-8063 / Fax (215) 895-9132

180, 181, 183, 189-194

Pittsburgh District
1001 California Ave Rm 2027
Pittsburgh PA 15290-9651
(412) 359-1468 / Fax (412) 359-7108

150-154, 156, 260

South Jersey District
501 Benigno Blvd
Bellmawr NJ 08031-9651
(856) 933-4262 / Fax (856) 933-4241

080-084, 197-199

Capital Metro Area

Baltimore District
900 E Fayette St Rm 166
Baltimore MD 21233-9651
(410) 347-4248 / Fax (410) 234-8553

210-212, 214-219

Capital District
900 Brentwood Rd
Washington DC 20066-7204
(202) 636-2177 / Fax (202) 636-2306

200, 202-209

Northern Virginia District
8409 Lee Hwy
Merrifield VA 22081-9651
(703) 698-6380 / Fax (703) 207-3660

201, 220-223, 226, 227

Richmond District
1801 Brook Rd
Richmond VA 23232-9650
(804) 775-6227 / Fax (804) 698-4711

224, 225, 228-239, 244

Pacific Area

Arizona District
4949 E Van Buren St Rm 190
Phoenix AZ 85026-9651
(602) 225-2941 / Fax (602) 225-3944

850, 852, 853, 855-857, 859, 860, 863, 864

Bay Valley District
1675 7th St Rm 120
Oakland CA 94615-9651
(510) 874-8414 / Fax (510) 433-7655

939, 945-948,950, 951

Honolulu District
3600 Aolele St
Honolulu HI 96820-9651
(808) 423-3928 / Fax (808) 423-3759


Los Angeles District
7001 S Central Ave Rm 210
Los Angeles CA 90052-9614
(323) 586-2605 / Fax (323) 586-3702


Nevada-Sierra District
1001 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas NV 89199-9651
(702) 361-9288 / Fax (702) 896-2703

889-891, 893-895, 897-898, 961

Sacramento District
3775 Industrial Blvd
West Sacramento CA 95799-0070
(916) 373-8723 / Fax (916) 373-8184

936-938, 942, 952, 953, 956-960

San Diego District
11251 Rancho Carmel Dr
San Diego CA 92199-9651
(858) 674-0400 / Fax (858) 674-0055


San Francisco District
PO Box 7836
San Francisco CA 94120-7836
(415) 550-5716 / Fax (415) 550-5770

940, 941, 943, 944, 949, 954, 955, 962-966

Santa Ana District
3101 W Sunflower Ave
Santa Ana CA 92799-9324
(714) 662-6248 / Fax (714) 966-2004

906-908, 917, 918, 926-928

Van Nuys District
28201 Franklin Pkwy
Santa Clarita CA 91383-9650
(661) 775-6663 / Fax (661) 775-7187

910-916, 930-935

Western Area

Alaska District
4141 Postmark Dr
Anchorage AK 99530-9651
(907) 266-3277 / Fax (907) 266-3132


Big Sky District
841 S 26th St
Billings MT 59101-9651
(406) 657-5780 / Fax (406) 657-5788


Central Plains District
5303 N 91st Ave
Omaha NE 68134-9651
(402) 573-2117 / Fax (402) 573-2131

515, 516, 664-666, 668-681, 683-693

Colorado/Wyoming District
7500 E 53rd Pl Rm 2213
Denver CO 80266-9651
(303) 853-6192 / Fax (303) 853-6077

800-816, 820-831

Dakotas District
PO Box 7570
Sioux Falls SD 57117-7570
(605) 333-2650 / Fax (605) 333-2777

565, 567, 570-577, 580-588

Hawkeye District
PO Box 189996
Des Moines IA 50318-9651
(515) 251-2359 / Fax (515) 251-2052

500-514, 520-528, 612

Mid-America District
300 W Pershing Rd Ste 100
Kansas City MO 64108-9651
(816) 374-9280 / Fax (816) 374-9701

636-641, 644-649, 654-658, 660-662, 667

Northland District
100 S 1st St Rm 115
Minneapolis MN 55401-9651
(612) 349-6395 / Fax (612) 349-4410

540, 546-548, 550, 551, 553-564, 566

Portland District
PO Box 2229
Portland OR 97208-2229
(503) 294-2456 / Fax (503) 294-2596

970-979, 986

Salt Lake City District
1760 W 2100 S
Salt Lake City UT 84199-9651
(801) 974-2507 / Fax (801) 974-2513


Seattle District
PO Box 81419
Seattle WA 98108-1319
(206) 652-2100 / Fax (206) 652-2229

980-985, 988, 989

Spokane District
707 W Main Ave Ste 600
Spokane WA 99299-9605
(509) 626-6728 / Fax (509) 626-5814

832-838, 990-994