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250 Postcards and Aerogrammes

251 Description

251.1 Postcards and Postal Cards

251.11 Definition

Postcards and postal cards consist of single cards sent without a wrapper or envelope. Folded (double) cards must be mailed in envelopes at the letter-post rate of postage.

251.12 Reply-Paid Cards

Reply-paid cards are not accepted in international mail, except as provided in 132.2.

251.13 Specifications

Postcards must be made of cardboard or paper that meets the material and color specifications in 142.

251.14 Privately Manufactured Postcards

Privately manufactured postcards, except picture postcards, must bear the heading Postcard.

251.15 Permitted Attachments

The following may be glued on the left half of the address side of a card, or on the side opposite the address side, if they are made of paper or other thin material and adhere completely to the card:

a. Clippings of any kind.

b. Illustrations or photographs.

c. Labels other than address labels.

d. Stamps of any kind, except stamps likely to be confused with postage stamps, must not be placed on the address side of the card.

e. Address labels or address tabs that may be glued to the address side of the card.

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251.16 Nonpermitted Attachments

The following must not be attached to cards:

a. Cloth, embroidery, or spangles.

b. Samples of merchandise.

251.2 Aerogrammes

251.21 Definition

Aerogrammes are letter sheets that can be folded into the form of an envelope and sealed. Tape or stickers must not be used to seal aerogrammes.

251.22 Postage

Aerogrammes (bearing imprinted postage) are sold at all Post Office facilities. Approved aerogrammes (without imprinted postage) obtained from private firms must have aerogramme-rate postage affixed.

251.23 Available Service

Aerogramme service is available to all countries. Registry is available for aerogrammes. Recorded delivery service is available for aerogrammes if that service is available to the country of destination. See Individual Country Listings.

251.24 Enclosures

Enclosures are not permitted in aerogrammes. Aerogrammes that contain enclosures are treated as airmail letters and are subject to air letter postage rates. Aerogrammes with enclosures on which postage has not been paid at airmail letter rates must be returned to the sender for the deficiency or treated in accordance with 423.

251.3 Aerogrammes of Private Manufacture

251.31 Authorization

Individuals or firms may be authorized by the Postal Service to manufacture aerogrammes, without imprinted postage, for their own use or for sale to the public.

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251.32 Approval

Before engaging in production, the applicant must apply for an aerogramme permit, submit three printed samples of the proposed aerogramme, and obtain authorization from:

WASHINGTON DC 20260-3436

A sample format may be obtained from that office.

251.33 Specifications for Submitted Samples

The samples submitted for approval and the final printing of the aerogrammes must be on 18-pound paper (500 sheets, 17 x 22 inches) of light blue color as well as the texture equivalent to the regular three-flap aerogramme issued by the U.S. Postal Service. No artificial slippery finish, such as a silicon plastic, is permitted. The sheets, when folded, must measure 7-1/4 x 3-9/16 inches and have three sealing flaps. Samples submitted for approval need not have the flaps gummed, but the areas to be gummed must be identified. The sheets must:

a. Bear the printed endorsements that appear on the address and reverse sides of the aerogramme issued by the Postal Service.

b. Contain the printed return address of the applicant, or lines on which the return address may be written if the sheets are to be reproduced for sale to the public.

c. Bear the words "AUTHORIZED FOR MAILING AS AN AEROGRAMME - P.S. PERMIT NO..." (the number to be filled in when issued). These words must be printed in small, clear type and appear on the lower edge of the address side (when the sheet is folded for mailing). The permit number will be issued at the time the aerogramme is approved.

252 Postage Rates

Postcards and Postal Cards

Canada and Mexico $0.55
Marshall Islands and Micronesia $0.34
All other countries $0.75


All countries $0.75

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253 Weight and Size Limits

253.1 Weight Limits

Postcards weigh approximately the same as postal cards. See 142.

253.2 Size Limits

253.21 Postcards

a. Minimum: 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches.

b. Maximum: 4-1/4 x 6 inches.

Note: See 243.23 for larger cards.

253.22 Aerogrammes

The size limit for an aerogramme is 7-1/4 x 3-9/16 inches.

254 Preparation Requirements

254.1 Addressing

See 122.

254.2 Marking - Postcards and Postal Cards

254.21 Airmail

The sender should mark postcards Par Avion or affix Label 19-A, Par Avion Airmail, or Label 19-B, Par Avion Airmail, on the left side on the front.

254.22 Right Half of Postcard

The right half of the address side of a card must be reserved for the address of the addressee and postal notations or labels.

254.23 Left Half and Reverse Side

The sender may use the left half of the address side of the card and the reverse side for a message or permissible attachments. The sender must use the upper-left half of the address side for his or her return address. (Unless they bear the name and address of the sender, undeliverable cards are disposed of in the country of destination.)

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254.3 Sealing Aerogrammes

Tape or stickers must not be used to seal aerogrammes.

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