242 Eligibility

242.1 Content Eligibility

Subject to applicable weight and size limits, any article that is otherwise acceptable and not prohibited by the Postal Service or the country of destination may be mailed at the First-Class Mail International price.

242.2 Customs Forms Required

242.21 Dutiable Merchandise

The following conditions apply to dutiable merchandise mailed with First–Class Mail International service:

  1. Any merchandise sent to another country may be subject to duty under the customs regulations of that country. The Postal Service does not maintain or provide information concerning the assessment of customs duty.
  2. First-Class Mail International items may contain dutiable merchandise unless the country of destination prohibits dutiable merchandise in letters. (See the Individual Country Listings.)
  3. When mailing an article that may be dutiable, the sender must use PS Form 2976 (see 123) and must also follow the special instructions under “Customs Forms Required” and “Observations” in the Individual Country Listings.
  4. The maximum value for dutiable merchandise is $400. Items exceeding $400 must be mailed using Global Express Guaranteed service, Priority Mail Express International service, or Priority Mail International service (but not with the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes or Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes).
242.22 Nondutiable Merchandise

Nondutiable merchandise may be mailed (at the sender’s risk) to countries that do not accept dutiable merchandise. The Postal Service assumes no responsibility for the treatment such items may receive in the country of destination.

Note: Because PS Form 2976 generally denotes dutiable contents, it should be omitted from First-Class Mail International letter-size and flat-size mailpieces weighing less than 16 ounces when the contents are not dutiable (see 123.61).

242.3 Mail Sealed Against Inspection

First-Class Mail International mailpieces are sealed against inspection.

242.4 Extra Services

242.41 Certificate of Mailing

Certificate of mailing service is available for purchase for First-Class Mail International items.

242.42 Registered Mail Service

Registered Mail service is available for purchase for First-Class Mail International items, including for such items mailed as Free Matter for the Blind.

242.43 Return Receipt Service

For First-Class Mail International items, return receipt service is available for purchase only for items that use Registered Mail service to certain destinations — see the Individual Country Listings for availability and 340 for preparation procedures.