372 Sure Money (DineroSeguro)

372.1 Description

Sure Money (DineroSeguro) is a service provided at certain Post Office locations for customers to electronically transfer money internationally to individuals or firms in certain Latin American countries. Funds are transferred to participating banks or other approved agents in Latin America, where payees can claim them. Funds are guaranteed to transfer in 15 minutes, and a currency conversion rate is provided to the sender at the time of purchase.

372.2 Options and Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to Sure Money service:

  1. The maximum purchase per day is $1,500.
  2. Regardless of the amount of money sent, the payee must present a valid photo identification, which must match exactly the name on the transaction, as well as a valid confirmation number that is provided to the sender at the time of purchase.
  3. For a fee and with valid photo identification, the sender may change the individual who is designated as the payee.
  4. For a fee and with valid photo identification, the sender may request a refund if for any reason payout in the destination country was unsuccessful.

372.3 Fees

See Exhibit 372.3 for the fees for Sure Money service.

Exhibit 372.3 

Fees for Sure Money Service


Transaction Type

Amount Not Over











Change of Payee



372.4 Participating Post Offices

Sure Money service is available at 2,800 Post Office locations. To determine the closest participating Post Office location, customers should call 888-368-4669.

372.5 Availability

Participating countries for Sure Money service are as follows:

  1. Argentina but service is temporarily suspended as of October 28, 2013.
  2. Colombia.
  3. Dominican Republic.
  4. Ecuador.
  5. El Salvador.
  6. Guatemala.
  7. Honduras.
  8. Mexico.
  9. Nicaragua.
  10. Peru.

372.6 Currencies by Country

Local currencies vary by country. Some countries use the U.S. dollar as their payout currency, and in those countries the exchange rate with U.S. currency is always one-to-one. Other countries use their own currency, which has a different foreign currency exchange rate. Senders will receive information specific to their transactions when they purchase Sure Money service.

372.7 Service Guarantee

Upon request, the sender may receive a refund of the sale fee only if the transaction arrives at the payout agent after the 15-minute guarantee period has not been attained. All refunds are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the service at the time of purchase.