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E Module, Eligibility


E000 Special Eligibility Standards

E010 Overseas Military Mail

E020 Department of State Mail

E030 Mail Sent by U.S. Armed Forces

E040 Free Matter for the Blind and Other Physically Handicapped Persons

E050 Official Mail (Franked)

E060 Official Mail (Penalty)

E070 Mixed Classes

E080 Absentee Balloting Materials

E100 First-Class Mail

E110 Basic Standards

E120 Priority Mail

E130 Nonautomation Rates

E140 Automation Rates

E150 Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM)

E200 Periodicals
E210 Basic Standards

E211 All Periodicals

E212 Qualification Categories

E213 Periodicals Mailing Privileges

E214 Reentry

E215 Copies Not Paid or Requested by Addressee

E216 Publisher Records

E217 Basic Rate Eligibility

E220 Presorted Rates

E230 Carrier Route Rates

E240 Automation Rates

E250 Destination Entry

E260 Ride Along

E270 Preferred Periodicals

E500 Express Mail

E600 Standard Mail

E610 Basic Standards

E620 Presorted Rates

E630 Enhanced Carrier Route Rates

E640 Automation Rates

E650 Destination Entry

E660 Customized MarketMail

E670 Nonprofit Standard Mail

E700 Package Services

E710 Basic Standards

E711 Parcel Post

E712 Bound Printed Matter

E713 Media Mail

E714 Library Mail

E750 Destination Entry

E751 Parcel Select

E752 Bound Printed Matter

E753 Combining Package Services Parcels

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)