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M Module, Mail Preparation and Sortation


M000 General Preparation Standards
M010 Mailpieces

M011 Basic Standards

M012 Markings and Endorsements

M013 Optional Endorsement Lines

M014 Carrier Route Information Lines

M020 Packages

M030 Containers

M031 Labels

M032 Barcoded Labels

M033 Sacks and Trays

M040 Pallets

M041 General Standards

M045 Palletized Mailings

M050 Delivery Sequence

M070 Mixed Classes

M071 Basic Information

M072 Express Mail and Priority Mail Drop Shipment

M073 Combined Mailings of Standard Mail and Package Services Parcels

M074 Plant Load Mailings

M100 First-Class Mail (Nonautomation)

M110 Single-Piece First-Class Mail

M120 Priority Mail

M130 Presorted First-Class Mail

M200 Periodicals (Nonautomation)

M210 Presorted Periodicals

M220 Carrier Route Periodicals

M230 Combining Multiple Editions or Publications

M500 Express Mail

M600 Standard Mail (Nonautomation)

M610 Presorted Standard Mail

M620 Enhanced Carrier Route Standard Mail

M660 Customized MarketMail

M700 Package Services

M710 Parcel Post

M720 Bound Printed Matter

M721 Single-Piece Bound Printed Matter

M722 Presorted Bound Printed Matter

M723 Carrier Route Bound Printed Matter

M730 Media Mail

M740 Library Mail

M800 All Automation Mail

M810 Letter-Size Mail

M820 Flat-Size Mail

M900 Advanced Preparation Options for Flats

M910 Co-Traying and Co-Sacking Packages of Automation and Presorted Mailings

M920 Merged Containerization of Packages Using the City State Product

M930 Merged Palletization of Packages Using a 5% Threshold

M940 Merged Palletization of Packages Using the City State Product and a 5% Threshold

M950 Co-Packaging Automation Rate and Presorted Rate Pieces

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)