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525 Nonmailable Live Animals

Nonmailable types of animals discovered in the mailstream must be reported to the PCSC in accordance with the instructions in POM 139.118. Additionally, the mailer and the Post Office of mailing must be notified to prevent future shipments from being incorrectly accepted for mailing.

525.1 Live Birds

Day-old poultry vaccinated with Newcastle disease (live virus) is nonmailable. Day-old birds, except those specifically permitted under 526.3 are nonmailable.

525.2 Live, Warm–Blooded Animals

Warm-blooded animals, except for adult birds and specified day-old birds under the specific conditions in this section, are not mailable.

  1. Cats or kittens.
  2. Dogs or puppies.
  3. Guinea pigs.
  4. Hamsters.
  5. Mice.
  6. Rabbits.
  7. Rats.
  8. Squirrels and flying squirrels.

525.3 Reptiles

All snakes, turtles, and poisonous reptiles are nonmailable.

525.4 Poisonous Insects and Spiders

All poisonous insects and all spiders, except scorpions under limited circumstances (see 526.5), are nonmailable. Other nonpoisonous and non-disease-conveying insects are permitted as stated in Exhibit 526.6.