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150 Postage

151 Postage Rates

See Individual Country Listings.

152 Payment Methods

152.1 Prepayment

Each item must be fully prepaid to ensure prompt dispatch and to avoid assessment of charges against the addressee. For the treatment of shortpaid and unpaid mail, see 420.

152.2 Stamps

a. Postage and fees for special services (see chapter 3) may be paid by means of U.S. postage stamps, postage meter stamps, or postage validation imprinter (PVI) labels. PVIs are acceptable for all international mail transactions.

b. Mailer precanceled stamps may be used with international mail under the same conditions as are applicable to domestic mail. See DMM 604.

c. Airmail stamps may not be used on economy items.

d. Nondenominated postage stamps (except for those that bear uniquely domestic markings, such as First-Class Presort, Bulk Rate, Presorted Standard, or Nonprofit Organization) may be affixed to postal items that are sent to foreign countries. The value of such stamps is linked to either a current or a former domestic rate (e.g., the "H" stamp has a postage value of $0.33). Since the international postage rates are always higher than the comparable domestic postage rates, mailers who affix a single nondenominated postage stamp to their outbound mailpieces must add additional postage to comply with the international rate schedule. Note: The nondenominated Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp, which has a postage value that is equivalent to the domestic rate for a 1-ounce letter, may be used for international mailing purposes.

Note: See DMM 604 for stamps not valid as postage.

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152.3 Permit Imprint

152.31 Conditions of Use

Postage may be paid by permit imprints, subject to the general conditions stated in DMM 124, 604, and 705. Postage charges are computed on PS Form 3651-LP, Postage Statement - International Letter-post Permit Imprint; PS Form 3651-PP, Postage Statement - International Parcel Post - Permit Imprint; or other postage statement as required. This postage payment method may be used for postage and special service fees for Global Priority Mail, letter-post, and Parcel Post.

152.32 Usage Criteria

To use a permit imprint for international mailing purposes, a mailer must enter a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail matter that is identical in size and weight and addressed to recipients in foreign countries. All of the mailpieces bearing a permit imprint do not have to be addressed to the same destination country. See 292.13 and 293.2 for the minimum quantity requirements that govern the entry of International Priority Airmail (IPA) items and International Surface Air Lift (ISAL) items, respectively.

Note: The 200-piece or 50-pound minimum requirement does not apply to M-Bags.

152.33 Required Format

Each mailpiece sent under this payment method must bear a permit imprint indicia showing that postage is paid. Permit imprint indicias for international mail must be prepared in one of the formats shown in Exhibit 152.3. No variations or additions, such as Bulk Rate, Media Mail, Presorted Standard, Enhanced Carrier Route Sort, Automation Rate, Nonprofit Organization, or Bound Printed Matter, are allowed.

Exhibit 152.3

Indicia Formats

Picture of Indicia Formats

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152.4 Publishers' Periodicals

Postage on publishers' periodicals (Periodicals Mail) mailed by publishers or registered news agents who are domestic Periodicals Mail permit holders may be paid as provided in 294.26 and 294.27.

153 Placement of Postage

a. Postage stamps and postage-paid impressions must be applied to the address side of mail in the upper-right corner. The postage meter stamp, postage validation imprinter (PVI) label, or permit may be affixed directly on the mailpiece or on the wrapper when plastic wrap is used.

b. Nonpostage stamps, labels resembling postage stamps, or impressions resembling postage-paid impressions must not be placed on the address side of international mailpieces.

154 Remailed Items

New postage is required when mailpieces are reentered after having been returned to the sender by a foreign postal administration.

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