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January 22, 2024

Portland OR Regional Processing & Distribution Center Goes Live February 24, 2024

As part of the Postal Service’s 10-year Delivering for America plan to invest in the postal network in Oregon and across the nation, the Portland OR Regional Processing & Distribution Center (RPDC) will begin operations on February 24, 2024.

This activation has seen the existing Portland Processing & Distribution Center (PDC) renovated for its new role functioning as the Portland OR RPDC. The new operation remains at its current location: 7007 NE Cornfoot Rd, Portland OR, 97218-9997. The Eugene OR PDC (3148 Gateway St, Springfield OR, 97475-9990) and the Medford OR PDF (2195 Sage Rd, Medford OR, 97501-1357) have been renovated and will function as Local Processing Centers (LPC) to process letter and flat volumes for delivery.

Renovating these existing facilities will help the Postal Service bolster effectiveness, strengthen customer service, eliminate long term maintenance costs, and prepare us for the next 30 years of operations. These initiatives will also help increase the Postal Service’s service performance and market opportunities, as well as improve employee experience.

Effective January 27th, the Portland RPDC will begin processing all originating letter, flat, and parcel volumes for Eugene OR – 974.

Effective February 24th, the Portland RPDC will begin processing all originating letter, flat, and parcel volumes for Medford OR – 975 and 976.

Effective with the March 1st Label List updates, Destination Entry drop shipments of letters, flats, and parcels to 970 – 978 and 986 for NDC discount, will be at the Portland RPDC.

The Portland OR RPDC will accept SCF Destination Entry volumes for SCF sorted and 3 Digit prepared parcels for 970 - 978 and 986.

SCF Destination Entry discounts for letters, flats, and 5 Digit parcel volumes will be available at the following facilities for the 3 Digit zones listed below:

Portland OR RPDC (NASS: 972) – 970 - 973, 978, and 986

Eugene OR LPC (NASS: 974) – 974 and 977

Medford OR LPC (NASS: 975) – 975 and 976

Mail Direction Files (MDF)

The February Mail Direction File with an effective date of March 1, 2024, will be updated and published in the first week of February 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FAST Help Desk at or by telephone at 877-569-6614 (Option 3).

Business Mail Entry (BMEU)

All Business Mail Entry Unit operations located at the Portland OR RPDC, Eugene OR LPC, and Medford OR Carrier Annex will remain in their current locations and maintain their existing operational hours.