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January 27, 2010

Folded Self-Mailers — Changing Standards

Working in collaboration with the mailing industry, the Postal Service™ conducted a three-year study of non-enveloped letter-style mailpieces processed on automated letter sorting equipment. The study included mailpieces designed to test specifications and also included examples of folded self-mailers produced by the mailing industry. A thorough analysis of the data collected during testing is currently under review.

Based on findings of the analysis, changes to the characteristics of folded self-mailers mailed at automation or machinable letter prices may be developed. We will publish any proposed new standards in the Federal Register and encourage mail owners, mail preparers, and other interested parties to provide feedback during the comment period that will follow.

After comments on the proposal are received and evaluated, a final rule will be published in the Federal Register and subsequently in the Postal Bulletin. An effective date that provides time for production planning will be included in the final rule. Until the final rule is published, the current folded self-mailer requirements apply as described in DMM 201.3.14. Stay tuned for further information on the self-mailer study and possible proposed requirements.