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January 29, 2024

Postal Service Enhances Access to Sorting and Delivery Centers

The Postal Service™ has launched 31 new sorting and delivery centers (S&DC) around the nation and has plans to continue expanding to new S&DC locations throughout 2024. These S&DCs are an integral part of the Postal Service’s Delivering for America plan to create a best-in-class processing and delivery network.

The S&DCs will revitalize our network of nearly 19,000 delivery units — the last stop for mail and packages before they are delivered by our carriers. The Postal Service has targeted key markets where it is beneficial to aggregate delivery units into fewer, larger, centrally located S&DCs — leveraging both repurposed and new facilities —to simplify the entire network and create a more reliable and efficient network.

The Postal Service’s new S&DCs will offer businesses and customers a better approach to shipping packages to local customers quickly and affordably with the following benefits: quickly reach customers in one local market, expanded same-day/next-day shipping across the region from one convenient location, 99.7% on-time performance from one entry point, convenient returns (back in one day), and new product offerings (USPS Connect Local™ and USPS Ground Advantage™).

The facilities have enhanced acceptance capabilities to accept mail and packages for entry. These S&DCs are being equipped to meet commercial mailer needs to accept larger and double stacked pallets. Below are specific guidelines regarding mail and packages on pallets at S&DCs.

Stacking Guidelines:

  • Pallets may be double stacked to a maximum of 77 inches.
  • Individual pallets must be secured using either stretchable or shrinkable plastic (or both).
  • The entire pallet stack must be secured together using either stretchable or shrinkable plastic (or both).
  • Heaviest pallet at the bottom; lightest pallet at the top.
  • Ensure enough space between pallets for a forklift.
  • Stacked pallets that shift in transit will be sent back to the vendor for mitigation due to safety and handling concerns.

Maximum Weight and Height:

  • Stacked Max Weight: 2,500 pounds
  • Individual Max Weight: 2,200 pounds
  • Stacked Max Height: 77 inches
  • Individual Max Height: 77 inches
  • Parcel Select DDU volume in pallet boxes: not greater than 60 inches
  • All maximums include pallets + pallet boxes + top caps

Single Pallet Requirements (2,200 pounds max weight)

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Stacked Pallet Requirements (2,500 pounds max weight)


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Commercial customers should drop their Destination Delivery Unit entry flat bundles or packages for drop shipment at the S&DC serving the respective destinating ZIP Codes. Non-S&DC Delivery Units will remain unable to handle double stacked pallets.

The opening of the new S&DCs will not impose Post Office™ closures or cause customers to experience changes to the local Post Office retail and PO Box delivery services.