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February 8, 2010

PostalOne! Outage

The PostalOne!® system has been down since 5:50 pm ET Friday February 5 and is projected to be back up late evening on Tuesday February 9. During this outage mailers cannot access mailing reports, balance, fees and transaction information. Mailers cannot submit electronic mailing information or receive Full Service feedback such as address correction information. Although the FAST® system is operational only the online FAST application is available to schedule appointments.

USPS acceptance facilities are operating under contingency procedures.

We are conducting webinars on Monday Feb. 8 as follows, to advise mailers of our contingency procedures and respond to questions/concerns:

10:00 ET: Webinar on PostalOne! outage and Contingency Procedures

Phone Number: 877-512-0764 Meeting ID: 4353222

Or log on to:

2:00 ET: Webinar on PostalOne! outage and Contingency Procedures

Phone Number(s): 877-512-0764 Meeting ID: 6917773

Or log on to:

Following is a summary of the procedures to be followed for business mailings during this outage:

  • Mailers submitting hard copy postage statements should continue as usual.

  • Mailers submitting electronic documentation via Postal Wizard will be required to submit hard copy postage statements.

  • Mailers using Mail.dat or Mail.XML to submit mailing information must submit hardcopy postage statements and a qualification summary report for each of their mailings. A mailer may provide a mailing log and other supporting documentation in hardcopy or via access to electronic viewer if available for Postal clerks. Acceptance employees will only request documentation that is necessary for verification or other required function.

  • USPS Acceptance employees will enter hard copy postage statements into the system or finalize eDoc statements when the system is restored.

Special Postage Payment Systems

  • Mailers that have special postage payment system agreements (SPPS) in place will follow the contingency plans identified in the SPPS agreement.

  • Mailers who have an authorized DSMS agreement may provide a mailing log by day in lieu of hardcopy postage statements. This log must include at a minimum the elements: Job ID#, permit number, total pieces, and total postage. The clerk needs to annotate the date of mailing for each line item on the log.

Feel free to contact your local Business Mail acceptance personnel or the PostalOne! Helpdesk at 800-522-9085 with your questions/concerns.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are committed to restoring PostalOne! as soon as possible and will advise you once the system is restored so you can resume your normal mailing procedures with the Postal Service.