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February 9, 2010

Nomenclature Change Relating to the Network Distribution Center Transition

We have posted an advance copy of our proposed rule Federal Register on Postal Explorer revising the DMM®, other related manuals, applicable publications, and postage statements to support the transitioning of USPS® bulk mail centers (BMC) to network distribution centers (NDC), by replacing all text references to “BMC” with “NDC” concurrent with other DMM revisions scheduled for March 2010.

To fully utilize our existing BMC facilities and consolidate transportation, we are changing the flow of mail through the BMC network whereby other classes of mail, including First-Class Mail®, will be processed in these facilities. As part of this transition, we are converting BMCs to NDCs. We began implementation of the NDC concept in May 2009 and this transition continues to date.

For more details, go to Postal Explorer at, and click on Federal Registers Notices in the left frame.