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February 28, 2013

Intelligent Mail™ Container Placards Reminder

Palletization requirements are outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) 705.8.0 and apply independently of full-service requirements. For Full-Service mailings, when pallets or containers are required by the DMM or a Customer/Supplier Agreement, or when a mailer chooses to prepare pallets or similar containers, then those containers must have Intelligent Mail™ container barcodes on the pallet placards.

Intelligent Mail container placards are required for full-service mailings when mailers prepare their mailings on pallets or in similar containers, per the DMM:

705.24.4.3 Intelligent Mail Container Placards

All required pallets and similar containers (such as all-purpose containers, hampers, and gaylords) and all containers prepared under 8.0 in full-service mailings must display container placards that include accurately encoded Intelligent Mail container barcodes as described in 708.6.6.