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March 5, 2009

March DMM Update

Postal Explorer ( is your source for up-to-date mailing standards. The Domestic Mail Manual is fully searchable and features fly-out menus, cross-reference links, and an extensive subject index. We updated our mailing standards with the following changes:

Express Mail and Priority Mail Reshipment Service

We revised the standards for Express Mail and Priority Mail reshipment to allow accountable mail and pieces with Delivery Confirmation service. Accountable mail includes Certified Mail, COD, insured mail, Signature Confirmation, and Express Mail. We made this change in 507.6.6.1, 507.11.7.2, and 705.17.1.1.

Intelligent Mail Pallet Placards

We provided a new preparation option in 708.6.6.2 and 708.6.6.5 for mailers using 8-inch by 11-inch pallet placards with Intelligent Mail container barcodes. Until November, mailers may affix these placards beneath shrinkwrap or plastic.

Detached Address Labels

We revised 602.1.0 and 602.4.0 to require Detached Address Labels to be automation-compatible and have a correct delivery point POSTNET barcode or Intelligent Mail barcode with an 11-digit routing code when used with saturation mailings of Periodicals or Standard Mail flats.

Labeling Lists

We revised labeling list L801 to reflect changes in mail processing operations.

Our next scheduled DMM update is April 6.

May 11 Price Change — Price List Update

§ We updated the May 2009 version of Notice 123, Price List, with the following changes:

§ For First-Class Mail Commercial Letters and Cards, we added “cards” to footnote 1 on page 10.

§ We corrected the price for Standard Mail High Density parcels (with no entry discount) on page 14, and the ISAL, M-Bags, and ISC Drop Ship prices for price group 11 on page 30. We added the DDU per-piece discount for In-County Periodicals on page 24.

The updated Price List and many other tools are available at to help you prepare for the May 11 mailing services pricing change. We will use the DMM Advisory to keep you informed.