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March 15, 2010

March DMM Update

Postal Explorer ( is your source for up-to-date mailing standards. The Domestic Mail Manual is fully searchable on Postal Explorer and features fly-out menus, cross-reference links, and an extensive subject index. Today we updated our mailing standards to capture the following changes:

General Delivery Service Restrictions
We revised 508.6.2 through 508.6.4 to permit the postmaster of a Post Office with multiple facilities to designate more than one facility as an office that can provide general delivery service in accordance with customer and operational needs.

New Options for Pallet Placards Bearing Intelligent Mail Container Barcodes
We revised 705.8.6.2 and 708.6.0 to provide a new option for Periodicals mailers preparing pallets or other approved containers bearing Intelligent Mail container placards.

Nomenclature Change Relating to the Network Distribution Center (NDC) Transition
Pursuant to the ongoing transition of USPS bulk mail centers (BMC) to network distribution centers (NDC) we are replacing all text references to "BMC" with "NDC" throughout the DMM.

Our next scheduled DMM update is April 5.