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March 20, 2009

Reminder — Intelligent Mail Customer Webinars

We are offering a series of webinars to answer customers’ questions about Intelligent Mail® services. The webinars occur every other Friday, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. eastern time. The next webinar is today!

The webinars supplement the wealth of Intelligent Mail information on We cover technical specifications and business processes, and answer your questions. You may e-mail questions for upcoming webinars —- at least four days in advance — to

Please join us for these informative webinars.

To participate online:

1. Go to: age/g.php?t=a&d=660285335

2. Enter your first and last name and e-mail address.

3. Click “Submit.”

4. The audio will stream through your computer speakers.

To participate by phone (audio only):

1. Dial 1-866-699-3239.

2. Enter the event ID, “660 285 335,” followed by “# #.”