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March 20, 2009

Intelligent Mail® Services Weekly Update

As the May 18, 2009, Intelligent Mail® services implementation approaches, we are establishing a weekly communication to keep you informed of our activities and to help you prepare for the new Basic and Full-Service options.

Currently, we are preparing PostalOne! release 20 to support the price change on May 11 and the Test Environment for Full Service on May 18. We are redesigning the user interface mailers use to access PostalOne! and the Facility Access Shipment Tracking (FAST) system. If you use PostalOne! or FAST, please logon between March 30 and April 14, so we can capture your profile information and migrate it to the new Business Customer Gateway. We will post a new Guide to Full Service User Access and Reports to explain the new Gateway and how to retrieve Full-Service feedback, such as address correction and start-the-clock information.

Please reference for in-depth information on the Intelligent Mail services. You will find guides and specifications to help you prepare for both the Basic and Full-Service options. We have also instituted bi-weekly webinars to answer mailer questions. For the schedule and connection information, click on “Latest News.”