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March 24, 2009

May 11 Pricing Change — New Postage Statements

We posted the following new postage statements on our forms page ( to support the May 11 pricing change:

First-Class Mail

PS Form 3600-R (PDF)

Postage Statement - First-Class Mail & Priority Mail (5/11/2009)

Standard Mail

PS Form 3602-C (PDF)
Postage Statement - Consolidated - Supplement Standard Mail and Nonprofit Standard Mail (5/11/2009)

PS Form 3602-EZ (PDF)
Postage Statement - Standard Mail - Easy - Nonautomation Letters or Flats (5/11/2009)

PS Form 3602-N (PDF) Postage Statement - Nonprofit Standard Mail (5/11/2009)

PS Form 3602-R (PDF) Postage Statement - Standard Mail (5/11/2009)


PS Form 3541 (PDF)

Postage Statement - Periodicals - One Issue or One Edition (5/11/2009)

PS Form 3541-M (PDF)

Postage Statement - Periodicals - All Issues in a Calendar Month (5/11/09)

Package Services

PS Form 3605-R (PDF) Postage Statement - Package Services (5/11/2009)

International Mail

PS Form 3700 (PDF) Postage Statement - International Mail (5/11/2009)

Don’t forget, you can find the new prices, and other information to help you prepare for the May 11 pricing change, at

We will use the DMM Advisory to keep you informed.