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May 4, 2009

May 11 Pricing Change – Confirm® Service: New Choices

Confirm service — also known as “OneCode Confirm®” when using Intelligent Mail services — offers more choices for customers than ever before. Our new Bronze subscription tier provides an affordable option for smaller-volume mailers who prefer to receive their data directly from the Postal Service. Customers can also have the Confirm system send data to whomever they choose, such as a service provider or an affiliated organization.

We are also offering new data distribution options for Full-Service Intelligent Mail customers who are not Confirm subscribers. For instance, we can generate Confirm data using a non-subscriber's mailer ID in the barcode and send that data to a Confirm subscriber through the Full-Service Intelligent Mail data distribution process. Subscribers must register the mailer ID in Confirm and pay the "additional ID" fee. This option is just one of the many Full-Service Intelligent Mail benefits supported by Confirm and other applications, such as OneCode ACS®.

Confirm is all about choices — using the traditional Confirm service or some of the new Full-Service Intelligent Mail options — for our customers.

For more information about the new options, refer to the Supplement to the Confirm User Guide. For questions and customer support, contact Confirm Customer Assistance at 1-800-238-3150 or